Monday, February 11, 2019

Boston Marathon Training Week 6, 2019: The good, the bad, and the ugly edition

This past week had a variety of fun winter issues.

Believe it of not, it was actually 50 god damn degrees early in the week. It was like a frickin Christmas miracle!!

I took Monday off since I had run 20 miles on Sunday. I was happy not to be sore, but I was generally dragging a little. I was just mega-mega blah, and it was both annoying and a bit ridiculous.

I perked up a bit on Tuesday, and enjoyed a really pleasant easy run.  (despite the messy, wet, puddly roads) It was quite dark by the end, and I was glad to have my high visibility LED vest.

Don't tell me you can't see me
Wednesday was meant to be speed work day but (ANNOYINGLY) I had to postpone it until the next day. A horse managed to stomp on  right foot, and my little toe was basically garbage. It really was a shame... (not really a big deal, but I certainly had one stupid, sore toe.)

So there we were on Thursday. Speed work day. I was feeling like JUNK (basically a theme!) and the workout was garbage. But I got it done. 5x1 mile at 7:36 and it was bullshit. (I believe this was the BAD part of the week, as my title leads us to believe.)

Friday, I intended to have a creative and entertaining treadmill workout. But I was 100% gross and blah and running sucked, and my foot hurt, and my treadmill was bring a psychopath (like, the incline is broken and needs recalibration. and can basically suck it.) So I did nothing fun and slogged around like a giant, hairy, mess of a walrus. DOOM. (THIS was the UGLY part of the week)

Saturday was long run day, and it was super cold (well, it magically made it to 23) and SUPER WINDY (like, 40 MPH) I planned to run 18 miles and I automatically assumed it was going to be a gigantic suckfest of death, like all my running in THE HISTORY OF EVER.


But it was fine. Quite good actually. Much better than last week, and a huge bit better than the previous two days. Mysterious.

Orange hat. IT IS A THING.
I got a weird gross blister though.

Yuck. It looked grosser in real life. 
And I was happy to see Lee, Eric and Ellie at the pub!

Ellie can't even handle it....

Just gives up.....
Sunday was downhill rep day, and (AGAIN) It was an extremely good workout.
3 massive downhills completed at a sub 7 pace (thank the lord for downhills...) So yes, this (and the long run) were the GOOD days of the week.
(and also, the days continue to get longer.....)

5:00 is no longer pitch black dark
I'm pleased that the week ended on a good note. definitely an uptick from mid week.

Guess what? I'm still not so sure about running Hyannis. I may actually be fit enough, but I'm not going to sign up until the 10 day forecast comes along. I can't handle 70 (or 50) degree weather and don't want to waste my cash.

If I do race, I'll begin to taper on Thursday of this week.
If I don't race, I will continue to train as normal, but will shorten my long runs to 10 and then 13 for the next two weeks, and I don't want to overtrain prior to Boston. I'm so dainty.

Mileage: 45.7
Long run: 18.1
Beer at pub: A mix of triple cream and double cream, and a taste of pickle gose which is a weird as it sounds
Coldest day: High temp of 23 Saturday, but 53 on Tuesday which was really nice
Snow days: None from school (two weeks in a row! two hour delay on Friday because ice) Some random flakes, some ice, some slime. Nothing plowable. 



  1. Maybe you felt like junk because your weather has been really stupid lately???

    1. YES!!! Plus, I was really overtired (because, puppy) and definitely PMS problems. GROSS.

  2. Those downhill workouts you do - oh myyyyy. How are your quads not trashed afterwards?! Your training is going well! Hyannis - ugh - I hate how lonely the second half was. And windy. And rainy. All in all, Hyannis wasn't my favorite ;) - Kim K.

    1. Sometimes they are trashed (although, not nearly as badly this year. go figure.)
      Hyannis really kind of blows. I still don't know if I'm going to go (I'm clearly a very elite pro runner, hahaha. NOPE.)I'll decide tomorrow (or like, the day before!) And congrats again on your insanely HUGE PR and BQ. So friggin awesome!