Sunday, May 13, 2018

The week with 16 miles instead of 60

Last week was amazingly, and completely uneventful in the running department.
There was a good reason that last week was my random 60 mile week, there was NO way that could have happened this past week!
I knew that I had 3 days that were going to be completely out of the question for running, with two others being highly questionable. I actually thought that a zero week might be a terrific idea, but the weekend was just too nice to pass up (plus, I finally had time to hit the road!)

Eric joined me for a Saturday pub run, after what feels like a long time of not running together. It was a really stellar weather day (60, dry, breeze, sun) and it was a solid run.

Here we are again!
Typical Saturday
Doing this run, I definitely was noticing the need for a new pair of shoes, which is a little crappy at this point. I believe I have just over 300 miles on these Clifton 3's (which is a perfectly reasonable number, if we are being honest.) BUT....  I became extremely spoiled with the Clifton 2's. They held up incredibly well even as their mileage came close to 600. *sigh*
Since the Clifton 4's are not a thing yet, and I am not super crazy about the 3's I may try another shoe for a bit. BUT WHAT??? I like my shoes nice and cushy, so feel free to give suggestions.

Sunday marked my first trip up Hawk Mountain this Spring.

It was a warmer day (72) but really just perfect.
The mountain is still a bit of a mess after the logging extravaganza of last fall and winter. Now that things are greening up, it looks better and also seems to have survived the drenching rains of April. (I was worried about possible erosion.)
It was a fun run, a little weird getting back on the trail after so much pavement running, but weird in a good way! And super pretty.

Rocks and things that are not pavement
So, with this crazy, busy, appointment and commitment filled week behind me, next week looks (slightly more) open for running. I hope to be able to get around 35 miles in, with the possibility of a speed workout tossed in there (or not) as the case may be. I haven't made a big push for bike miles at this point but that will happen as the weather becomes warmer and the roads get better.

Oh, and a random note. The amount of laundry this past week vs the 60 mile week was SO much less. I thought I might have been exaggerating about the laundry sitch but I certainly was not. AT ALL. So much soggy, smelly clothing.
The moral of the story is that winners like me run 16 mile weeks to avoid doing 300 loads of stank clothes.

Miles run: SIXTEEN! HAH!!
Elevation: 1,307
My placement in my Strava running club: From an all time high of 4th last week I dropped, predictably, to 48th.
Hottest day: 79 but I totally avoided running that day because #omgsobusy


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