Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring running, 5k racing, snowbanks and more.

Last week started and finished with fine weather, but the middle part was pretty dank.
Typical April, a couple of cheerful days in the low 50's with plenty of rain.

I am going to rename this blog: Middleaged Runner, your up to the minute weather expert.....

As of a week ago, the ice in the pond was not yet out. (it was out by mid week though!!)

When you live in a small town, ice out dates are important!
I scooted up Bitch hill, mostly to check out the return to Spring. I had not been up there in a couple of weeks and there was not a trace of snow. 

Now it is BROWN!!
As mentioned, the middle of the week was dreary. My legs have been feeling fine, my post Boston experience has been closer to what you might expect after a few peak weeks, and then a cutback rather than a race. While I have not been putting in crazy mileage or speed I did run a few 800's just to see how things were feeling. 
Again, my feeling was not dissimilar to what I feel mid way through a training cycle. None of the typic post race gunk. A 4:12 will help with that ;-)

Post 800's in the mucky weather
Suddenly. at the end of the week, summer arrived!!!
HOORAY!!! Finally some temps to help all of us acclimate to what is coming. 

Back to sweaty hats, for sure.
I had a really enjoyable Friday run in 77 degree temps (Boston Marathon weather!!) I ran some steady miles and stayed well hydrated, despite being a dripping sweat mess. 

Yes, I am carrying an onion
At this point, I'm about ready to get along with acclimation. 
Yes. I prefer running when it is 43 and raining (Like today!!! A rest day....) But for christ sake, if I train when it is 40 and every race is 80 things are going to continue to blow goats!!!

So basically. When it below 70 I am currently running in pants and a sweater. Nice. 

Saturday morning was nice and warm too (72!) So I decided a small, local 5k was in order. It was only about 6 miles from where I live, and for a great cause, so off I went. 

The route was very familiar to me, and took us on local roads, STRAIGHT downhill, and then, (as so often happens) STRAIGHT back up. The long stretch of downhill made for a very pleasant start, and, since I was not trying to crack out a PR like a jackass, the return trip was not too shabby.

Not exactly flat as a pancake

I managed a 22:30 which is a 5k time that I have no quibble with. Go me! I had not run a 5k in a while, and I always forget how delightfully short they are! I was done in no time and back to work. 

And bless the small races, I totally won. #fuckingELITE #sponsored #bybeerandcheeseonly

Hey, I might not win them all but I do have fun!!
I went home and recovered the way a pro athlete does, duh. In #neoncompression

So cool
And yes, I am wearing Hoka slides, and YES they are amazing. 
Not fashionable. But really, stupid comfy. I have footgasms. 

And then, the good weather was over. 
Back to the crap on Sunday, for my weekly snowbank shot. 

Ever shrinking
I got a ride home with my Dad on the tractor (as one does in Maine...) And because it was 49 degrees and drizzling, we spilt a good winter beer. 
This one is a sipper, and perfect for a nice, cold April day. I liked it more as it warmed up, the cherry notes became less apparent and the bourbon/cocoa became more obvious. Tasty. 

Foundation Mortimer. Buy it for the name, enjoy it because it is good. 
So that was that for this week. 
I have a tentative goal of blogging once weekly all year, for the sole purpose of being able to look back on my own shenanigans in upcoming years. 

I believe, now that Boston Marathon training is over I shall shake up my weekly totals/sightings a bit. 

Weekly Stats:
Miles run: 35.something
Other activities: 2 core workouts
High temp: (now that it is not winter, right?) 80. But the low was 42 so that merits mention.
Best thing I ate: I made some Shrimp scampi that was ridiculous. And I had pistachio gelato. (I believe I will require pic of this category from now on.)
Unusual animal sighting: A huge turkey vulture
Current mood: I am tired today after a busy weekend and not enough water. FAIL.

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