Monday, April 24, 2017

The aftermath!

It was a very typical post Boston marathon on a hot day week.


Most days were in the upper 30's and raining. 
If that doesn't help a runner to acclimate for Summer, than I don't know what will!! *sarcasm*

On the bright side, I recovered splendidly. Running 26.2 is an effort, no matter what the pace. However, my heat related system failure at the race,  reduced my speed enough to allow for some fun running last week. 

Notably, I enjoyed several rainy, sleety, extremely windy miles with my friend Danielle. 

I don't think we have had a run together in years, so it was nice to catch up about all things running. We should probably plan a long run sometime, since we basically hit the tip of the iceberg in the catching up department!!

Our run coincided with a fundraiser for our friend Sarah who is battling the ultimate bullshit, breast cancer. She's a remarkable woman who shares my love of running, ducks, and terrible photos on the internet.... It was a good night full of laughter, tears, a million donuts and excellent positive energy. 

Kicking cancer in the fucking FACE. 
The rest of the week consisted of a few runs here and there, dodging more rain drops, and bird watching. 

This will be the only bluebird we see this year. 
Winter, as determined as it has been, does seem to be spluttering out. 
As I type this, it is actually 60 plus degrees! 
I did notice, that despite the dank weather of last week, the snowbank is shrinking.

Saturday. Not warm. NOT WARM. 
As I reflect upon the aftermath of Boston, I am happy to have finished up nice and healthy. 
The whole training cycle went down really well, and I'm a big fan of the journey so that's a big deal!!

A few things that went much better during the lead up to Boston in 2017:
-I never let the house/laundry/mess situation get to the brink of disaster. That shit drives me crazy, and I prioritized keeping more order in my everyday life.

-Eric and I ate in a way that was considerably better than in the past. We have never been junk food eaters, but we consciously consumed much healthier calories. My energy levels have never been better (although I never "lost" what I thought was my "too many carbs" little belly. but that is a story for another day. no, I am not preggers.)

-I hydrated much better, and was very mindful of alcohol consumption. I drank 100% more water than in the past, and still enjoyed my beloved beer. 

Hashtag LOVE

-And..... I actually managed to do enough core and strength work to avoid the "I am in the WORST shape ever!!" feeling that comes at marathon time, haha!

So despite a less than stellar marathon, I feel very positive about the last 4 months. Many good runs, many good and positive life choices. 

Weekly stats: 
Miles run: Good lord, I actually have no idea. 
Longest run: 26.2 whoot!
Other: Core workouts, twice (go me!)
Wildlife sightings: Bluebird. Cardinal. Ducks, both wild and domestic. Deer. Dogs.... 
Low/High temps: 30/76 BECAUSE WTF???
How am I feeling? Very, very good. 
Beer of the week: Everything Trillium, but Summer St specifically. 

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