Saturday, April 15, 2017

Week 15: Go time.

Just like that, training is really over. Like over, over.
Or, as we always like to say at this point (yearly)

Game. Over. Man. 
Quick recap, since I am the middle of packing for the big weekend. 

Last Monday, it was a nice day! Warm and sunny, muddy and melty. 
Eric and I enjoyed a few miles together. 

Current state of the big snowbank
I ran a few more Tuesday miles, with a few pickups thrown in so that my legs don't think they are on permanent vacation.
I did not run over the bitch hills this week, so instead, I give you pictures of rushing brooks. 

This brook is no more than a trickle in the summer
I had a rest day on Wednesday, but it might have been the best day of the week.
Because my amazing BAA approved fanny pack arrived, and it is fucking majestic. 
I am so excited to keep my items in this lovely thing, for all occasions. 

Fucking. Majestic. 
On Thursday I had a tiny, baby "workout" or 4x800. 
It wasn't too warm, so I added some extra layers to try to prep for a too hot marathon day. I don't have many options when it comes to forcing acclimation, so the best I can do is overdress like a dork. 

Friday was EXPO DAY!!! EXPO DAY!!!
Possibly my favorite day of the year. 
My Dad and I got off to a nice early start. My original barn helper for the day came down with a vicious bug, so Eric got to step in as guardian of the horses. 

It was busy at the expo but not like, Saturday busy (thank the lord.)
We basically zipped in, spent  million dollars, and zipped out. 

This was the least awkward shot. Still so awkward. 
I really had wonderful luck getting everything on my list. Some years are like that, it's like you follow the dots to exactly what you want/need. 
I got gifts for friends, one of the houndstooth jackets for myself, and a pair for the new Hoka slides which are SO comfy. Dorky, but they give you footgasams. 
And, of course, we made it to Sam Adams for a teeny tiny beer!!

Lee and Sara adventures for the win
We managed to avoid ALL the normal traffic on the way home, so we had time to stop in at Austin Street for the Beer of the week!!!
A REMARKABLE DIPA. Perfection. I plan to fill my growler with this ASAP. 

Jesus, just LOOK AT IT.
And that brings us to today. 
The first day in (wait for it) a three day warm spell. Of course. 

Overdressed, again
Because this is my blog, I am going to say it. 
I'm a little bummed that for the second year in a row, I nailed a training cycle and, due to the too hot (for me) weather, I won't be able to test myself. 

Now don't get me wrong!! I have not thrown in the towel at all, and I am planning to run my best race and there is NOTHING more exciting then participating in the Boston Marathon. 

But for fuck's sake. On Tuesday it will be 47 frigging degrees. WHY CAN'T THAT BE MONDAY??

Ok, whining over. Gotta suck it up. Gotta be brave and zip it. 

Since it is the SAME weather (or a touch warmer) than last year, I have a plan. *sigh* 
Safety first, plenty of water, and an easier pace than I had hoped for because the temp will be 28 degrees warmer than my warmest long run. 

Boston marathon day is a great day, regardless of the stupid weather. I'm looking forward to the whole weekend and will blog endlessly about it (in about 3 weeks, haha.)

Anyway! Wish me luck, and good luck to all my fellow runners!

Weekly stats: 
Miles run: After tomorrow, 20
Longest run: 5 hahaha
Other: A little stretching, a little nothing...
Wildlife sightings: Nothing! How boring. 
Low/High temps: 25/68 BECAUSE THAT IS NORMAL
How am I feeling? Nicely tapered. Good. 
Beer of the week: Austin Street DIPA, basically a perfect 10

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