Saturday, May 27, 2017

Every Hill in Waterford: Part One

I am a strange woman.

Once my marathon season is done, I like nothing more than to spend my running time having adventures and climbing (small) mountains. 

If I was a good blogger I would try to dish out wise advice about how to run hills well. My honest, and *educated* words on the topic are probably not helpful! 
In order to run hills "well" you need to get the hell out and do it, know that you will not be running your 5k pace, you need to enjoy the view, look at the birds, and just enjoy yourself. I know that I do. 

I'm trying to run up every hill in my town during the next month or so. At the rate I am going, I will finish well before then! 

Here is my progress thus far, complete with poor photos and Strava screen shots. 
(such a poor quality blog. but at least I don't try to sell you inside tracker or isagenix...)

Hill Climb number one!!
As it turned out, this run also marked my triumphant return to running after Providence. 
Baker hill requires a decent effort, but a smaller hill leading to it gives you a reasonable warm up.
(or preps you for the cardiac arrest that you are about to have.)

Well.... There's always the downhill!!

Once to the top, you are greeted by a very typical Waterford scene. Apple trees, pastoral fields, and rolling hills. (It never gets old, I am such a sucker for a good view!!) 

Really pretty. 
Hill Climb number TWO!!
Bitch Hill (which all of you are sick and tired of) but BACKWARDS!

As you can see, hitting this up from the backside ups the intensity level by about 100%.
Fun fact: this is a hill that people seek out when training for the Mt Washington road race, as the incline is (at times) equally taxing. It's like a stair climber. 
(another fun fact: few people actually choose to run this hill.)

That hill IS as bad as it looks
Anyway, Eric and I both ran up it because we are crazy. 
And there is NO better view. Hello. I live in a gorgeous fucking place. 

OMG. Bitch hill is a gorgeous lady. 

Hill Climb THREE!!
I had a nice time running up and back over Temple Hill. (my idea of having a good time is questionable, but whatever. I honestly find this fun!)

Right. So this was my biggest climb all week and certainly took a good effort.

Good lord, that is a huge hill. 

I was rewarded with views of Deer Hill, which is on the list of hills to climb (by the time I publish this, I expect that run will have been completed.

Standing on top of Temple Hill, looking over to Deer Hill.
Being a smart person, I congratulated myself for all this climbing with a delicious beer. 
(Bissell's Angels with filthy souls, at Novare.)

Not a beer for hot weather. And, the weather was not hot!
And I made some fabulous kale and basil pesto to toss directly in my mouth. (well... on some pasta....) MMM.

So green and fantastic!
Weekly stats:
Mileage: 17.1
Feet of climbing: 1,721
Most feet of climbing in one run: Temple Hill, 624 ft
Best beer??? Yep, that Bissell wins!!
Best occurrence while running: When a kid in a yard said "WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?" and I said, Zombies. Because, duh. 

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