Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 6 of Boston training, 50 days to go.

Wow, somehow I have been "officially" training for 6 weeks and there are still 50 days to go. Don't get me wrong, I'm feeling good and am perfectly happy to have more time but my typical unique training style usually has me tapering at this point.

So how did this week go?
Well, there was more unique but manageable weather followed by some incredible weather. (crazy)
After the last two winters this one has been just amazing. (and crazy)

Monday brought about some easy post work treadmill miles. I watched some Chopped and it was awesome.

Unflattering treadmill selfies, back this week in full force.
Tuesday was a rest day.

On Wednesday we had a very dangerous storm. I made fun of it partially in jest as I knew we were projected to get an inch of sleet and over two inches of rain. Grody....

Much fear and danger
I also ran some pretty fabulous treadmill mile repeats starting at an 8 min pace and finishing at a 7:30 pace for a total of 6 repeats and 11 miles. Solid.

Thursday was somehow both incredibly foggy and ridiculously windy. Isn't fog supposed to get blown away? My crow friends made an appearance which pleased me tremendously. The way that they converse with one another is fascinating to me and (since I spend all day outside) I listen to them a lot. They have stuck around all week. They are hoping I get them a crow sized birdfeeder.

My Homie
Thursday was an split run- half easy and half as what I referred to as an "optimistic" base pace, of 8:20-8:13. A good workout overall.

Shockingly, once the weather cleared up we discovered that the roads were completely clear. This is nothing short of a miracle in the land of snow and ice and poor plowing.

How is this possible in February??? HOW! LOVE.
The weather was far cooler on Friday with a high of 26 and some serious winds. I had a minor struggle getting outside to do some hillwork but when I'm "officially" in training I have a good ability to just shut up and get the job done. I did, for quite a fantastic workout. 8 miles over rolling hills at a surprisingly brisk pace. I thank the cold weather for getting me moving!

True Story
Next week, weather permitting, is when I expect to begin training on my "Boston" hill route. Thus far, despite getting decent elevation the hills have been fairly short. My Boston hill is a long, arduous climb of over half a mile at no less than a 4% incline. You can't exactly hammer up it but it definitely builds up some hill confidence and hill badassery.

For me, knowing that I have practiced over tricky hills is half the battle and the mental training when you don't feel that the hill will ever end is beneficial. For me anyway.

Friday night I proclaimed that my beer of the week was Oscar Blues "Old Chub" which is a great everyday Scotch Ale. Super smooth, nice bourbon notes and all that stuff that makes me an annoying beer hipster. Seriously though, coming in at like $9 a 6 pack you can't go wrong.

Beer of the week. Thanks to my Uncle Dave for getting me hooked!
On Saturday I was lucky to be able to take to the roads early (for me) for my long run. Eric was nice enough to do some equine babysitting so that I could start running around 10:30.
It was cold to start (25) but a perfect 35 and sunny after 90 minutes or so.

I took a nice route over rolling hills (pretty serious first half elevation drop, making for a good hardworking finish.) There were plenty of nice things to look at, three lakes, some people ice fishing, a distinct lack of snow and just a gorgeous day overall. I felt great throughout and never needed to stop for any reason.
I rarely stop mid run but I'm human. Sometimes I need to pee behind a tree. Or tie my damn shoe. This was one of those perfect days where I never had to break my running tempo and I just cruised along.

This is my long run. DOWN. UP. DONE.
There was one less than stellar moment. Around mile 14.5 I was traveling past the town beach and suddenly, the lake made a shockingly loud "BOOM!" This took me very much by surprise and I jumped and looked sharply to the right. Unfortunately, in that moment of distraction I stepped off the pavement and rolled my left ankle. HARD. There was a moment of stabby pain but it quickly subsided so I felt ok to continue. Honestly, I felt pretty lucky. I think that I easily could have sprained my ankle badly and I was fortunate to run away unscathed. 

I finished with 19 for the day at a pace that I was very pleased with.

No broken ankles for me today......
The rest of the weekend was enjoyable. The weather was close to 50, I felt fine after my long run and did a good amount of stretching and foam rolling.

And drinking a delicious recovery beverage. Duh.
Next week should be slightly more interesting for you readers. I thrive on the endless routine of training (I'm a dressage rider, it's how I live.) But I imagine reading about it is like watching paint dry.
Weather permitting Eric and I are running the Hampton Half on Sunday and a race is always more exciting to report on (or to read about) than a normal training week.

This week was quality though, exciting or not. I'm feeling good (especially with 50 more days to train) and I'm feeling motivated. I'm looking forward to the next month and hitting my peak weeks!

The weekly wrap up
Miles: 51
Favorite TV: Chopped while running, Dark Matter while sitting
Favorite beer: Oscar Blues "Old Chub"
Low temp: 7 on Thursday AM
High temp- 48 on Sunday
Favorite food: My Mom made Tacos.... MMMMMMMMMM.


  1. 48 degrees? UGH. I know it's not terrible but I'm not a fan of anything under 55! Also...what in the world was the loud BOOM!? Great job lady! 51 miles 50 days're in great shape!

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