Monday, February 1, 2016

Boston Training Week #2, shoes, and Bobcats

Currently the weather is much more like April than like February 1st. While I know that Feb is traditionally the month where the shit hits the fan I don't count on this to last but I certainly am enjoying it!

All last week the weather was really decent. Sadly, the sun is still going down too early for me to feel inspired to hoof it around town but we are getting there. I took my long run outdoors and appreciated the lovely sunset and the muddy snowbanks. (muddy snowbanks are always better than snowy snowbanks in my opinion!)

Pretty sunset at 4:44 PM
I had a shockingly good long run this week. 16 miles of complete enjoyment and at a pretty decent clip too. This is unheard of for January so I am going to attribute it to one of two things: the base I built up during Philly-thru-Dopey OR (and more likely) dumb luck. Either way, I'll take it. I had a crap ton of fun, I listened to some sweet tunes which is not the norm, it was warm (38) and just a good day.

My thumb looks so large. This is a weird pic but I'm using it anyway.
Since about a month prior to Philly I have been having a bit of shoe drama. Even though I have it mostly sorted out it still merits mention because shoes play a big role in my happiness.
I snagged a pair of Clifton 2's after my final pair of Clifton 1's bit the dust.
Well, this was a struggle. Lots of changes to the 2's (this is old news) and after bleeding all over them for 50 miles I tossed them aside. I put back on the Clifton 1's for another 100 miles (at that point, 100 miles was less than 2 weeks.) *side note- those final 100 miles really turned the 1's into slippers. poor things. they have a life span and 470 miles was tooooo much.*

Right, I digress.
I basically crossed my fingers and picked up a pair of Odyssey's. I think I put less than 70 miles on them and then ran Philly. They are now nearing the end, with over 300 miles on them. While they don't fill me with joy they get the job done and have improved with miles.

Beat up Odyssey's left, Clifton 2's Right. Dog foot bottom.
So here are my feelings.
The Odyssey 1's, because they have the "original" Hoka tongue worked better for me than the Clifton 2's. However, both pairs of shoes are much more narrow than the Clifton 1's (or any Hokas from a year or so ago) and that just stinks. I don't even have a wide foot!
I have another pair of Odyssey's in the wings and have found that the Clifton 2's, after a lengthy and bogus "break in" period are pretty serviceable. I feel they will get me through Boston.
All of this being said the original Clifton's were an amazing shoe- one that I had ZERO complaints about. I am holding out hope that Hoka brings back a similar model ASAP.
Why not just change brands you might ask? Because at the end of the day my legs/hips/back all feel better in a Hoka than in anything else. So apparently I am willing to sacrifice my little toe and let my ankles bleed to keep the legs happy....
I have very high hopes for the upcoming Clayton and the reps have promised me a better Clifton 3. Since the Hokas have kept me on my feet better than any other shoe thus far I will consider the past few months to be a small bump in the road of an otherwise delightful relationship. 

So what else?
My whole week of training was solid. I came in, as planned at 39 miles which included the previously mentioned great long run and a variety of treadmill training that included a few mile repeats and a progression run which were good, but sweaty.

Unflattering sweaty selfie, as promised.

In more exciting (late) news....
I mentioned the encounter with the bobcat in my last post, completely forgetting that I had left that experience off the blog!
Back in late October I was out running after dark, lit up like a damn Christmas tree per the norm. When you are used to running in Maine in the Fall you get used to hearing a variety of critters moving thru the fallen leaves and assorted puckerbrush. I am pretty used to hearing squirrels, turkeys, and assorted small wildlife and I barely give those noises any notice.
Anywhoo, I was a few miles out, on one of the bigger roads in my town (in the DARK) when I heard an unusual scuffle in the underbrush just ahead of me on the other side of the road. I contemplated what it could be and decided that it was either a very large dog or a creepy skulking human. Feeling prepared to deal with either of those situations I turned my flashlight to the right AND THERE HE WAS. You guys, he was right there. Taking a look at me. Like just across the road!

JUST LIKE THIS! But dark. No, I did NOT take pics!! #terror
I was quite certain that it was a mountain lion and (possibly for the first time ever while on a run) thought I might be completely fucked. So what did I do? I ran LIKE HELL. I knew that about 150 feet away there was a driveway and my plan was to get there, chuck stones and yell. Luckily, Mr. Bobcat was just as startled to see me as I was him and he stayed put. (he was most likely hunting the chickens right across the way.)
Of course, once I had run quite a ways, unreasonably fast I spent a minute or two going "ahhhh! I DID NOT LIKE THAT!" and kind of sobbing and dry heaving from the redline sprint like a *very brave* person.
(and I get it, backseat drivers, you don't run from cats. but what would you have done with zero time to plan!? I have a plan for bad dogs, creepy people and even bears. just not BIG fucking huge cats. So I RAN!!!!!)

Anyway....! That's it from here. Enjoy the Spring everyone. :-)



  1. Fuck no! I only worry about the damn geese around here. Bobcats? I'm out.

  2. We had a bobcat hanging out at the barn not too long ago. He was pretty small, though. But hey, you're prepared for bears and that is a truly terrifying scenario for me! Yikes!

  3. Mr Bobcat's blog had a very different account of the incident. Thought you were an alien with all those lights. :)

  4. Mr Bobcat's blog had a very different account of the incident. Thought you were an alien with all those lights. :)