Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 4 of Boston Training, the one with the gross pics...

There is only going to be one gross picture but I thought I'd warn you.

Ok so last week was a cutback week for me. There were a couple reasons. One, if I run 40-50 mile weeks for ever I die. Two: I had to go get my foot hacked up. Three: Lazy
(mostly kidding about 3)

I had a couple of workouts scheduled for early in the week.
I got off to a craptastic start and felt just as lousy as I had the week before. Yuck. Again, there was nothing wrong with me I just felt flat and blah.
I took Tuesday off as a mental health day and maybe a physical health day.

Mental health day demands quality beer.
 Wednesday brought about a much better workout which made me feel pleased! Like I said last last
week a rotten workout doesn't bother me, however I never sad to have a good one!

This is my "good workout" face. Wow.
And then.... On Thursday I got my foot issue taken care of. It was gross but now I am on the mend. At the same time my Dr busted me for not having a tetanus shot for 22 years and, sadly, I got one. (for those of you who don't know, I really REALLY don't like needles. So shots are like a big NO for me.) This teaches me to complain about nasty puncture wounds in the presence of my MD. Jeesh.

The gross foot pic. It got even grosser but I'll spare you.
I awoke on Thursday feeling rather dreadful. I know that tetanus shots don't have any side effects to speak of, so all I can imagine is that the rather excruciating pain in my arm was causing me to imagine that I was ill. Between the gimping from only having one good foot and the awkward feeling of only having one good arm before I knew it I had thrown out my back. The universe was laughing at me like a big jerk.
I was a hot mess. I didn't really have a fun day. My mom made me cookies which made things better.

Luckily, on Saturday I was well on my way to normal again.
I hit the treadmill for my long run armed with my ipad to enjoy the Olympic marathon trials.

Nice cool day over there.
What a great race! I had a super time watching and cheering for my favorites. My bets to make the top 3 were right on with the exception of Ward, who I must admit that I don't know.
The teamwork between Shalane and Amy was really inspiring (although at the end I was yelling at Amy "LEAVE HER LEAVE HER!!!!!" which is why I don't have any friends....)

I couldn't participate in the amazingly well thought out drinking game that some of my Crow Athletics compatriots had the inspiration to create (with extensive help from- I kid you not- Desi herself) However, my Olympic Trials bingo card was well filled out: many mentions of Meb's age, an every 5 minute update of the weather, a course that honestly looked like a nightmare to run on, a trillion references to Amy Cragg's 4th place finish 4 years ago, Desi negative spliting, Sara Hall dropping out and Kara crying! (I make bingo cards for every possible event....)
Post run, in honor of the drinks my creative Crow friends named after the top runners I enjoyed a "Desi" in the comfort of my own home. Desi is beast. I want to be her when I grow up.

The "Desi" was bourbon. That's all. Just my style.
Phew! After all that excitement I was pretty much ready to run a 2:30 marathon too. Plus an hour. Whatever. I am definitely excited for Rio!

Oh! The best thing about Saturday was being able to watch the marathon and then switch live feeds and watch the Grand Prix Special live from Global. I was totally geeking out from excitement. (yeah, I watch live action from Global pretty much weekly but this week was a big deal.)
Of course, after seeing Laura Graves NAIL it I got even MORE excited for Rio.

#fangirl Sorry Desi, I actually want to be like Laura when I grow up!!!
Sunday was cold AF (high of 0)

After heroically keeping the horses happy all day Eric and I enjoyed a lovely Valentines day complete with a fancy hotel, pink champagne, delicious dinner and sparkly gifts. We had set a goal to have the most #basic Valentines ever and we killed it. So fun!

Such a great time!!

So the wrap up:
27 sad little miles
1 bloody foot
Favorite TV: Olympic Marathon Trials!
Favorite beer: The always delicious Sebago Barleywine.
Low temp: -17 with a 20MPH wind. FML.


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