Thursday, November 19, 2015


Right. Three Days until this marathon I'm doing.

Basically, I'm fine except for the normal "what on earth have I gotten myself into" nonsense. I might be a bit grouchy now and then but it isn't anything major. Seriously. REALLY!!!!!

Overall this has been a solid training cycle which I have executed in a pretty smart way.

It's just been short. Too short? Where the hell did the time GO??

Other than the expected feelings of terror I'd say I'm mentally stable.

I'm sure, per the norm on race day I'll wake up ready for a big adventure!

OK. Then I will run my race. Be badass. Be fast. Win. Or, survive. That's always the goal!

I have one plan!!! To basically run. Seems like a solid choice given my chosen activity.
Wish me luck!


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