Thursday, November 12, 2015

MDI Marathon Relay, Badass Crow Chicks win it all! (almost)

To continue my story about how MDI worked out this year...

The original plan (due to my extremely tardy entry) was to use about 18 of the 26.2 miles as a good solid training run and then just faff along for the final 8. While I was not terribly thrilled about this prospect I knew I could manage to get it done and MDI is a spectacular place to have a nice 8 mile hobby jog. So there was that..

Much to my delight, just a couple of weeks prior to race day I spied a post on FB requesting a partner for the 2 person relay. Even better, it was somebody that I know like CRAZY on the internet which clearly means we are also BFF in real life. YAY! Internet friends for the WIN.
(in reality Jamie and I believe we might have met once in real life before MDI. But it is a hazy recollection and the details are unclear...!!)

Eric and I scooted up to the island during some crazy ass weather the day prior to the race.

Weather to the left, weather to the right. No lie.

We proceeded to do all the normal pre race things.
-Lunch with friends which involved copious amounts of mac and cheese? CHECK.
-Taunting the ocean and subsequently, and deservedly, getting drenched? CHECK...
-Dinner with friends, and then more friends that involved one or more bourbons? CHECK and CHECK!
Pre race beer? CHECK.
I got my butt up the next morning and was ready to roll. It was cold and since I am a compulsive weather checker I was prepared for the coldness.

Well, being cold with friends makes it better.
Jamie was kind enough to let me run the first half of the relay, I had decided to get 19 in and wasn't too excited about wearing my legs out beforehand (or, even WORSE if I had run the second half, having to run after the finish) No fun. Anyway. I was delighted with the arrangement.

Basically, MDI rocks every year without fail. IT ROCKS.

I had a great time. Even though I had completed a big week of training my legs were feeling pretty good and I had a blast. The people are nice, the views are legit and the waterstations are well above average. I kept up a steady pace and only froze half to death.

Only half frozen
I had an interesting first few miles as I seemed to be running with a group of people who were either hocking huge, loud loogies, burping uproariously or farting wetly and repeatedly. I understand and appreciate that these things happen but I wasn't into it. So I did my very best to gain some distance without burning myself out in the first 20 minutes of the race.

I was successful. By mile 5 the dulcet tones of juicy flatulence were nothing but a bad memory and I had found a good group of people to stick with.

These people were not spitting or burping

After quite a few miles of rolling hills (they don't quit) there is a little flat section around mile 12- I was able to pick it up a little in order to look impressive running to the 13.1 and the relay hand off point.
I made it in 1:45 and change and yelled at encouraged Jamie to run fast and bring it on home!

I ambled off to finish my miles and after a short time found myself running with Danielle which was just lovely. We seem to enjoy running together much more on days where it is not a 100 degree sauna out. She was having a kickass race and looked great, it was nice to see her motoring along like a boss and basically dominating.
But suddenly, my miles were over. Typical, I find a great running buddy and BOOM I'm done. I ran away from her and hopped in the car with Eric (best race support EVER) and she more or less beat us to the finish :-)

If you look closely you can see me on the left and D on the right.
Jamie, being freakishly speedy really DID almost beat us there! She managed to bust out a 1:38 half which is just stupid, stupid fast on that course. So badass.

We ran through the finish like a multi colored, winning (4th place) team and I FINALLY collected my damn claw medal!
Yessssssss. Badass Crow Chick for the WIN!!!
There were many things that made for a fantastic day, fun people, a great race and the obvious fact that the Relay option made for a much more desirable experience for me! I was very happy that the opportunity arose and want to give a huge shout out to Jamie for letting me join in her team- I loved every second (even my extra miles!) And let's be real, she totally carried the team to a solid finish. Crazy fast woman!!

Whooo! We are awesome! With awesome medals!!!
So once again, MDI makes the list of must do races. There really is nothing like it and every year I am happy to be there, with great people in a great place.
I plan to sign up like a responsible person (nice and early) for next year. Since I am just a bit obsessed with their medals I may need to choose another distance to run in order to collect a different color medal. You guys, these are the things that *serious* runners like myself contemplate. How to best enhance ones medal collection! (and the place to do just that is MDI, but back off on signing up for next year until I do!)


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