Sunday, November 8, 2015

Guess who's back?

And just like that, I'm back.
Just your typical 2 month blogging break!

Clearly, after such a long hiatus I have a lot to catch up on and absolutely no idea where to start.

Last time I was in a blogging mood I was about ready to begin my training for Philly and was being thwarted by a grouchy hamstring. I am pleased to report that my theory of time off equals healing proved to be true and I was back on my feet in no time. I was about 10 days late onto my short plan training program but being late is better than not showing up at all because you are an injured hot mess.

As is per the norm with my crazy self, once I began to train I was in, whole hog. While I might not want/need to run every day of my life, it seems that once I embark on a training cycle there is not much that stops me. I like the routine and I just suck it up and get it done with very little angst.
(I will post more later (maybe) about details of this round of training.)

In the meantime, let's recap shall we?

In early October Eric and I participated in the run2respond relay, a cross country relay to benefit first responders and to encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle.
We seem to jump into crazy adventures happily if it is for a good cause, especially if we have friends joining in. Once the baton had reached Maine we knew probably 90% of the people running so we concluded that it would be a fine adventure.
We began our leg/s quite late at night in Kennebunk and carried the baton straight up Rt 1 to Scarborough.

The handoff (s)!! And yes, MUCH darkness!
The moral of the story is that running at night on Route one is pretty scary and that I got a lot of confused looks from drivers who were clearly shocked to see me running at 1AM.
I do not suggest that anyone, ever, invite me to be on their 24 hour relay team because I am a terrible night runner.

To sum it up: I saw quite a few police vehicles in the first miles of my run and I prepared a lovely statement to give them should they pull me over for running in the pitch black night. "I am running to benefit YOU!!" I would say, joyfully. "Look a all my reflective/LED gear, I am clearly SAFE and running for a GOOD CAUSE!!!" forward 10 or so miles.....
*sees cop car*
Sigh. We finished and I fell asleep, post haste.

A couple weeks later I ran my way down (literally) to the Waterford 5K for a bit of speedwork over hills. I had just run 15 the prior day and had zero expectations other than to sweat and suffer.
I got exactly that.
Actually, it was a nice time and a nice day. I enjoy seeing all the people in my town and they do a lovely job with awards (medals for overall winners and AG placements- plus legit jugs of maple syrup!)
Typical 5k performance for me, I managed to lope in as the 4th woman and take 1st in my AG with a 22:51.
The big finish!
Through the early days in October I was a bit disturbed, knowing that running MDI was going to be a little challenging for where I was at in my training.
(by the time I signed up for MDI they only had slots available for the full- totally my lazy fault!)
I had formulated a plan to run to a certain point (18/19) and then basically schlep to the finish and collect my Lobster Claw medal in a blaze of glory.
This was a solid plan with the exception of those 8 or so miles that I wasn't really excited about getting my legs over.

Anyway, as things have the tendency to do it all worked out.
While most of you know the story by now I will sign off for today on this cliffhanging note, and a guarantee that I will be back soon to conclude this alluring tale!

Before I sign off for good, it merits mention that the weather has been absoultely spectacular for the past couple of weeks! Sunny, mild to downright warm and basically delightful.
I will leave you with a pic from my hilly run route, a picture that seems to be making a regular appearance as the seasons change.
Top pic, late August. Bottom pic, late October. Hashtag no filter!

You just can't beat this view!


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