Sunday, June 14, 2015

So on the running front....

Thus far during the month of June all of my running times have been good times.

I don't have anything crazy in my schedule during the summer which is ok, I'm so busy with horse stuff (which is wonderful!) that too many crazy running escapades give me stress.

UNLIKE last June I am still in a consistent running pattern. The weather hasn't felt as oppressive and I have been able to get in some comfortable miles. I really feel good! I'm having a great time running and as busy as I'm about to be with the ponies I do *secretly* wish that Danielle and I were running Around The Lake again or something equally stupid. Maybe we need to chat...

I'm still not running with a watch but since I run with my phone in my flipbelt for safety reasons I usually turn on Strava to see how I did once all is said and done.

Since I'm already Strava-ing stuff I decided to participate in a couple of "challenges" during June.

One, running a 13.1 I completed last week so that I could get an ice cream. Legit.

Such a good life choice. I am the smartest human to ever LIVE!!!!! Fucking #lifepoints people!

Another, the Mt Everest Challenge I'm not entirely sure if I will be able to complete (I started a bit late) but I'm doing my best.
TONS of hills- which is actually really fun! I like to get the hell out and run places that I can't during deer hunting season and winter (which is about 8 months of the year as we know) Over hill and dale I go, and it is quite amusing.

Oh hey. How are ya hills?
Eric and I had a chance to record a podcast with our friend Jon last week- we had a blast talking about some of our adventures. Our dogs were less than impressed that we would not let them join in, making for a bit of background noise but it was all good. Jon is a fun and funny guy and the husband of my best friend of 20 plus years- go check him out here! (and listen out our podcast while you are at it!)
Jon is super cool.
In other news, as promised I have been cooking my way thru the Runners World Cookbook and I will have the next installment of that adventure ready to drop in a day or two.

This week looks to be a bit crazy in the best way possible, I'm getting ready to horse show, preparing for the beginning of a summer of horse camp and basically going at 100 MPH 100% of the time. It should be fun! (scary. so scary. but fun!)


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