Monday, June 22, 2015

Hill running, horse shows, summer!

Last week was very busy, lessons, camp prep, a horse show and all the extra things that summer brings made for a lot of long days.

Knowing that this would be the case I had decided to plan for a light week of running. I knew that if I did not have a plan locked down that I would perhaps not run at all. I decided to shoot for 20 miles- feeling that I could probably pull that off. I did, in two days. Maybe not the easiest way to get it done but it worked! And it was hilly.

I spent the weekend at a horse show that was first sunny and beautiful and wonderful.

And we won things! Like wineglasses, seriously!
 And then was a complete downpour. Gross.

But we still won in the rain. Even though Chaunce is NOT a bad weather horse.
I spent a lot of time volunteering and since they had me doing a very active job I rode my bike rather extensively for the first time in a year. It was a much quicker way to get around than running (and less tiring since I was moving literally all day!) However, I don't really have the urge to get back out there and ride all the miles. I like my bike for short rides though and was happy to have her there.

This week is going to be a study in long busy days which is great because it means that business is good! I am trying to manage my scheduling a little better this year so that I am not working ridiculously long hours every day. While I certainly don't mind and I am happy to have extra hours of work I also feel that I can be smarter about when that work happens. Running a business is always a balancing act and even though this is my 15th year here I'm still trying to get it right!

So this week has a light running schedule but I'm hoping to have some adventures similar to last week. I really like to see my town on foot at this time of year so when I head out I try to see a new road (I'll run out eventually I imagine...)
I'm also contemplating my fall race schedule and gearing up (sort of?) for the 4 on the 4th- which seems to be coming right up. Oh dear. Setting a PR certainly isn't in the plans this year but I like getting out to the local races and seeing friends so it will still be fun!


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