Thursday, June 4, 2015

May Recap

Overall May was a great month!

I got in about 115 miles of running, a number that I am content with. The final week of May was a zero week for a few reasons- the most important one being that I simply wanted to take one! Beyond that it was close to 90 degrees every day and on top of that I spent about 3 days racked out with a stomach bug. Really gross.

May was a ton of fun! The highlight for me was the Maine Coast 39.3 challenge. The whole weekend was a great time, I had genuine fun running both days and enjoyed the whole experience so much that I might be tempted to do it again next year!

Medals! Fun! Sweat!!
 Pineland was not a repeat fun day for me which was a bummer. What was fun was catching up with my running friends who are such a great bunch of humans! I hope to see more of them this summer.

Love these crazy kids.
Last year my running hit an all time mileage low during June. I am feeling GREAT right now after my week of rest (minus all the running to the bathroom...) I'm also feeling a lot more motivated to keep my mileage reasonable for the coming month. Last year I believe that I ran a whopping 47 miles in June. This year I am setting my goal slightly higher- I think with the number of things I have going on that 100 miles is a number that I can reach without driving myself insane.

I don't have any races until July but I am determined to keep my base fitness up and brush up on a little speed work. I am thrilled to have come off the busy spring season completely sound and totally injury free. Feeling GREAT right now! I managed to run for the first time ever on national running day and am now gearing up for the all important national donut day....!

June is filled right up with horse shows, weddings and the hectic start to the summer camp season. I'm looking forward to the upcoming craziness and am excited to see what adventures happen next.


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