Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Maine Coast Marathon: Part 2 of the 39.3 Challenge

I had watched the forecast all week and all week I knew that the shit was going down on Sunday.
Damnit you guys! Why is this marathon always 85 degrees?

Knowing that (stupidly) I have no control over the weather I kept an unusually positive attitude about the whole situation. I assume this was because I knew I was planning a pretty easy day but who knows, maybe I am finally becoming a really uplifting and zen like person...? Probably. 

Eric and I got to the start with about 10 minutes to spare. You can tell who was in charge of the schedule for this day! (me!) We spent those 10 minutes standing in a potty line. Slathering me and spraying me in SPF 50, because I'm so pale and delicate. Talking to friends and taking almost zero pics to prove it which is sad and dumb.

Luckily Michelle came along and we took a pic!! She gave us her shirt and I still have it!
At 7:30 we were off and I prepared to entertain myself in one way or another for the next 100 hours. or 4-ish. Whatever.

I did not wish to die out there. I have never run any kind of multiple day challenge like this so I had no idea what my legs might do to me. I am also still trying to respect the temple that is my body post Boston. And it was going to be 7564987637 degrees out so there was that whole challenge to contemplate.

Anyway. I was in a good mood and really excited to see a new marathon course so off I went at a very responsible pace.

I really ran this race like a mature adult which is completely shocking.
-I did not get crazy like I *sometimes* do and try to pass all the people
-I had water at EVERY aid station, and gatorade too starting at mile 10 because dehydration is bad
-I had a little snack every couple of miles so that I would not pass out from starvation

All of that is awfully boring.
What you really want to know- in bullet points:

-Is that from mile 3-7 I REALLY needed a bathroom and since there was none I had a major struggle. Seriously. FINALLY I found a porta pottie with a LINE and I was enough of an adult to wait my turn, because pooping randomly while running sounds terrible.

The race needs more bathrooms. Clearly this was at the start....  Fun fact: I ended up running a couple miles with the guy in the blue and orange diamond shirt. Like mile 19-21. Funny that he is in this pic!
-Eric drove around the course to be the best support person ever, to give me snacks and to make all the other runners jealous. I'm not lying, I had multiple people tell me how lucky I was and I agreed completely because I am. My husband is hot, and wonderful and brings me snacks while I run all day long. I am the luckiest woman in the world!

-I hung out with the 4 hour pace group for 12 of the middle miles and had the most terrific time! As sad as I was not to be running with Isaac in the 3:45 group I knew that was not my pace for the day. The 4 hour pacer was a blast and we talked about so many fun things- I have NO idea who she was but I want her to be my new friend!

I passed 100 photographers and have 4 pics. All like this. You get the idea...
-I tried to run a pace that matched up in a fun/smart way with the conditions. If it was shady and nice I'd run a bit quicker. If it was really hot I would slow down. When the breeze picked up I'd pick up too! It was really fun. And pretty logical now that I see it on paper, haha.

-At mile 21 I saw an ambulance in the distance and then I saw Eric. "Who do you think is in that ambulance" he said.... It was Leslie. I was horrified. At that point I had seen quite a few people dropping out, or projective vomiting, or falling down like trees. It was not ideal, I think the temp had spiked right up to 80 at that point.

Picture #2 of the pictures that are all the same. Apparently this is how I looked ALL DAY.
-I had to stop for the bathroom again at mile 23 which is silly. I did consider the possibility of puking all over someone's yard for the last 2 miles but I did not. I didn't only because I walked for a minute to reestablish. Gross. I still can not believe how hot it was for the final 5 miles. It was warm starting at mile 10 for sure but I talked myself out of noticing it! By the end of the course there was no denying that it was a legit sauna- the air was oppressive and smothering. REALLY tough conditions.

Anyway, after all of this I finished and felt a little strugglebussy and barfy. Immediately I was given multiple medals and my jacket for finishing the challenge (this was a very efficient process that my post marathon brain almost couldn't handle!)
I decided to take my flip belt off and got it stuck on my legs and just couldn't cope with the challenge that presented. Luckily Eric appeared and got the damn thing off me and we tried to find a shady spot.

I was able to get my act together enough to go and somewhat coherently see my friends finish and to say hello to Danielle who runs secret marathons only, and since they are secret we never see each other at races. SAD!!! (Danielle I'm kidding. Sort of. Let's run a marathon together!)

I was the 7th overall woman in the Challenge which I find quite remarkable and brag worthy. Top 10 for the win friends!

7th place is never bad.
Despite the hot, humid and tricky conditions I had a great time at this race. I'm not entirely sure if I would do the challenge again but it really was a great time and a fun way to do something completely new and different. I loved getting the extra medal because I enjoy prizes and the jacket was really decent too! I thought that the marathon was really well run and despite my wish for a few more on course bathrooms I have zero complaints.

Eric and I headed out post race to recover with beer and ice cream which seems to have worked- recovery was a snap and I was barely sore. Winning.

Post race fun is key.

Another great weekend of running in the books. I am switching gears this week and heading out for what hopefully will be a nice weekend of horse showing. Much like marathoning Dressage riding is a great equalizer, especially after a long Maine winter. When I decide to show in May I always remember that it might be an adventure! At any rate,  May is always a great month for having my worlds collide and I like the excitement!


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