Friday, May 8, 2015

Random Friday thoughts!

It seems that there are only 24 more hours until the madness of the weekend begins.
The marathon isn't until Sunday though, so you have until Saturday night to place your bet!
Win Oiselle attire! Injinji socks! Beer and candy!

Having some time away from the 40 or 50 mile weeks that people like me do for marathon prep has given me some time to reflect on some random things, most of which apply to running.

-Hot weather acclimation! I have actually been reading up and educating myself on how the body adjusts to warmer temperatures. It is fascinating- needless to say it is a remarkable process how the human body adapts. Oh and PS: I am NOT yet acclimated to hot weather running. So there's that.

Eighty Degrees.

-With all of the tapering, and recovering of late what is my favorite thing?
Holy crap does it ever pile up. It is impossible to keep up with it during peak training. Seriously, who the hell has time? I need a maid.

Gross. This isn't even half of it....!

....and in the same line of thought....
-The MUCH smaller grocery bills!!!
I eat SO much SO often when training hard. We can't keep up with it. Nobody can. I steal lunch from my parents (my barn/job is adjacent to their home) and my Mom gave up and cooked a whole Thanksgiving turkey during my peak weeks. Thanks Mom!!

-I gave my sister a pair of Hoka's that were a tiny bit too small for my fussy feet. She LOVES them! I like it when people get excited about gear that I like too. I basically have her outfitted in Oiselle and Hoka now and she will soon be a track star! (or a Nurse. Whatever.)

Somebody loves her Hoka's!!!
-Spring is just the best, warm (HOT as balls) temperatures, no bugs yet, beautiful amazing days! After a super busy weekend of tons of yardwork and a million other things Eric and I had a little outdoor relaxation time which was 100% fun.

-Things are always busy. We all have places to be, things to do, miles to run, work work work go go go. STOP. For five damn seconds and smell the roses. Or daffodils. It is easy to get caught up in the shit and the trend of being the busiest person who ever lived. I'm totally guilty of that myself and need an occasional reminder that it is ok to take a moment to just enjoy life.

I grew these amazing flowers. By planting some bulbs like, 5 years ago but still...

And now, on to the weekend! It is going to be a fantastic adventure and I'm really excited to see how things play out.
Oh, and to make mention of my potential "finishing time" (or, total hours to complete the challenge.) When I ran 35 miles on a cold day back in November it took me 6:12:30. I think it is safe to say that I certainly can expect this to take 6:30 minimum. Probably more since it's gonna be a sauna. I'm in it to enjoy the sights- not to win it!
(send your good luck thoughts to my friends trying to BQ! Send me good thoughts just to finish...)


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