Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The gear that got me through my training!

I'm continuing my post Boston Recovery, slow and steady!

I actually feel awesome but if there is one important thing all of us novice marathoners learn the hard way it is that you are not fully recovered for a few weeks. So slow and easy it is for the time being.

I have some fun races coming up soon (more like social events, less like races I imagine since slow and steady is my motto for now!) I am putting in some miles and having a great time getting back into a routine- and this has given me some time to think about the gear I use on a daily basis.

I put a lot of miles on my shoes and clothing and I really do not take the best care of it. Who has time to wash garments on the delicate cycle and then to lay them flat to dry? Not me. Or handwash? Or dry clean only? No way... My clothing is doomed.
My attire must stand up to abuse, sweat and a very juvenile approach to laundry.

I definitely love to try new things but I seem to stick with my tried and true items. I must admit that with the notable exception of changing shoe brands not much has changed in my attire over the past couple of years. Apparently I find what works, and then stick with it!

Everything I wear in one handy pic.

This is a great picture because it shows all of the things I rely on to get me through my daily training and races too!

From bottom to top:

Feet: Hoka Clifton's: Lightweight and cushiony, they are my favorite shoes to date. Even soaking wet in Boston they felt like feathers on my tired legs! I have a funky gait- these shoes take good care of me. I have had nary a pain since I started wearing Hoka's back in October of 2014. I swear that my recovery time is faster in Hoka's than in any other shoes, it is remarkable. My words last fall were "wearing these almost feels like cheating" and I stick by that!

Socks- Balega hidden socks. No blisters, EVER.

Legs: I always wear Oiselle tights and think they are super comfortable. They never rub the wrong way and they hold up very well- the pair in this picture has been with me for at least 2 years. I hope that someday Oiselle makes a very warm, insulated tight for those of us living in the freezing climates.

WaistThe amazing Flipbelt. As a rule I refuse to carry anything while running because fuel belts drive me bonkers! They rarely fit and usually feel bouncy and awkward. since I feel safer carrying my phone while on long runs I decided I needed something- and the Flipbelt more than meets my needs. What a great little gadget- I can fit all my snacks, kleenex and phone handily into it and I don't notice it at all. Amazing!

Top (s): I am extremely fond of Oiselle's Flight Long Sleeve- this one has been in my rotation for years and is still like new. I wear this top for running, riding and fashion (wait, what fashion?) It isn't cheap but is absolutely worth every penny!
All winter long I ran, rode and looked cute in the Wazzie Wool Baselayer. Was I skeptical that it would stand up to my abuse, bad laundry skills and overall tomfoolery? YES. Did it meet- exceed actually- my expectations? Hell yes. Comfy, stretchy, warm enough for most tolerable conditions and very attractive. I did a side by side test with a comparable Smartwool top and Oiselle came up on top by a huge margin- better fit, better wear-ability, wash-ability- and just a more attractive base layer. I must admit that I wore it just as much for normal human activities as I did for
athletic ones.
There is my Wazzie Wool baselayer- never mind my pain face...
Bra: Verrazano which is really terrific. No chafing or uncomfortable-ness. My one complaint is the removable cups- just make them permanent! I expect that I will lose mine in the wash fairly soon....

In my hand: Picky Bar, in my favorite flavor, Lauren's Mega Nuts. While I might be fickle about many things I am exceedingly loyal to Picky Bars. They have never failed me and will satisfy both choosy eaters and people with allergies or dietary needs.

On my head: A random Rev3 visor that I am very attached to. Rev3 isn't even a company anymore but I sure love the damn visor!

So there you have it, a few items that have been tried and tested by someone who abuses her gear like no other!

*for the sake of honesty I was not asked to, or paid to review any of these items and I paid for all of them myself with my hard earned cash money. I do run for Oiselle and love their gear but they do not require that I review their products!*


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