Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's going down FOR REEEEEEAL!

Four days people. four days.

Other than the constant sense that I certainly could not have trained properly and am terribly unfit I feel reasonably prepared for the upcoming adventure. My feelings of unease, unpreparedness and horrific fitness are normal taper shenanigans so I'm only slightly panicked..!!!

GAME F**ing OVER MAN!!!!! Yeah, slight panic.
All of my workouts of note are done and all that is left to do is get to the damn start line!

I tend to ruminate about the training cycle while tapering and contemplate what I managed to pull off despite horrid weather and general malaise and what I really botched.

This was last week.... Yeah.
-The past 7 weeks, no workouts missed or screwed up
-I have seen consistent improvement in my fitness and speed
-I felt very positive, no whining, procrastinating or avoiding. I just DID my runs.
-Totally decent 20 miler at Eastern States
-Every week had speed, mid length run at base, hill work, super easy day and a long run. Boom.
-Staying uninjured. Yes, complete win.
-Singing. I scare these chickens down the road by singing to them. You're going down FOR REEEAAALLLLL, ya chickens.
-Hydration. For the first time even I believe I have my act together in the hydration department. It only took 3 weeks of feeling disgusting for me to pick up a glass of water and drink it. (more than like, once a day that is.) Go me, much health.
-EATING. I seriously ate so much. WIN.
-Shoes. LOVE the Hoka Clifton's and no, I'm not getting paid to say that....


-Most long runs! the mileage was fine but I felt like the junk queen of crap mountain
-Long runs with an attempt to create the hill profile of Boston. Nope. NOT AT ALL.
-Serious, half marathon pace speed or better. HA HA HA NO NO. Oh well.
-Any kind of cross training. However, I did not expect to do any. I'm not super human...

So here I am 4 days out with legs that are cooperating and ready to get me to the finish. I'm glad that I was able to dedicate some hours to good training this Spring, and I'm also glad to be feeling happy about running and not burned out. Good balance!

I don't have a specific finish time in mind, 3:40 would be great but might be a lofty goal after the #manychallenges of the winter. Thus far, the forecast looks good.

So here's to the next few days of carb loading, trying to rest, going to the expo and getting into the spirit of things! (getting into the spirit won't be hard, I'm really looking forward to getting out there again on Monday and feeling really fortunate to be there again.)



  1. My weather forecast looks the same for my marathon on Sunday. My thoughts are, "well, I'm just going to get more chafed." Go get 'em! Good luck and mostly, have fun.

  2. Being injury free as a middle aged runner is so huge! Congratulations! Just got a pair of Hoka's - unfortunately I'm not running injury free - hope the Hoka's help...

    1. The Hoka's certainly have kept me feeling great. I have a lot of positive feelings about them and believe that they are a great choice for my running style. I hope you love yours!

  3. Nothing better than heading into a race well trained! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you! And while well trained might be a stretch "ready enough" feels good to me :-)

  4. Just catching up on older posts and had a good laugh taking a quick look at the picture of Hoka's and what I thought were your feet and thinking that they had really taken a beating from all the training until I realized that they were your dog's feet!

    1. Hahaha! That is hysterical! At this point my dog has a better pedi than I do...