Friday, April 24, 2015

The best race pics ever, fashion and recovery!

Ugh recovery! I was such a strugglebus up until today. I'm not sure what to blame, the notorious hills, the cold weather, the 7 week training plan or WHAT but I can't remember the last time I was so sore after a marathon. ***whine*** It might not have been ideal to climb into the car and drive home quickly post race but it got me back to work and bringing home the bacon quickly and that was the goal for this year. Mission accomplished.

The stellar news is that starting today I felt quite good. I suppose that the other pleasant news is that my "problem areas" from the past did not flare up at all and the agonistic pain and suffering was completely in my quads and (oddly) inner calves. Woof. Send help, or a massage therapist.

I plan to ease into a couple of miles this weekend and then see what happens. I have some upcoming plans so while PR's and speed won't be a goal for a while, I do hope to recover enough to run some solid, easy miles soon.

I found out some great news post race, which was that the Crow Athletics Women's open team that I was on place 10th! This is really incredible and while I know I was not one of their fastest women it is an honor to be on such a badass and impressive team. Way to go ladies!

Due to my good mood this year I got some pretty funny Boston race pics- I always hesitate to shell out mad cash for race photos but sometimes you just have to go for it.
I was the only person with an umbrella. The photographers took like, 45 pics just like this....

For the first time EVER that there was NO line for the sign! So there I was!
Also, please take note of my incredible layering system. The winter hat and visor. The glorious poo brown sweatpants (with running tights AND long underwear underneath) The incredible AQUA fleece (which had a 20 year old thermal fleece underneath and a singlet...) It merits mention that (in my BAA approved FANNY PACK) I also had an emergency heat sheet (which I used) a rain poncho, hand and foot warmers (which I used and shared) plastic bags to wrap around my shoes to keep the rain out- fashion win- as well as a battery pack for my phone (which I gave to a kid at the start) and snacks, obvs. If anyone wants to hang out with the best prepared person next year please come find me!

15K. The guy in front of me really wins for fashion. I am impressed. 

OMG JAZZ HANDS! SO PUMPED. ..relax lady you have 168 miles to go...

Newton. Soooo cold, trying to warm up my lobster claw hands....

The fun thing about this year- on top of having a blast and a great race- is that I knew, for the most part, where photos get taken so I could prepare and ham it up. I took full advantage. I'm going to make my Mom a collage of "Sara's amazing race pics" which she is sure to love and cherish. Lucky my Mom.

Finish! WHOO go me and my bright pattern tights!
In other fashion news, you can clearly see the effects of my added clothing in Newton. PINK gloves and arm sleeves. So glad to have them. So damn cold and rainy!

The obligatory post race pic, BIG smile!


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