Monday, February 17, 2014

My predictions for The Half At the Hamptons....

It's officially race week around here.
This Fall I declared that the Hampton Half was going to be my A race for the winter, a great way to crank up some pre Boston speed work and, most likely, a chance to PR.

I think at this juncture we can all agree that training this winter has been odd.
15 mile runs on the treadmill, that is odd indeed

That certainly should not imply that I haven't been working very hard and putting significant effort into my workouts, because I have.

Quite simply, with so much indoor training and the subsequent reduction in challenging terrain I don't feel that I can predict my race outcome with the almost psychic ability I had last summer.

And not to (continue) complaining about (more) shit weather, but I think we can all agree that it's endless this year! Endless. ENDLESS.
This is special. BARF.
Hopefully soon the conditions really improve and I can get back on the roads. PLEASE RUNNING GODS!

Ahem. Anyway, back on point.
My current PR (2012, Great Bay Half, on a great weather day, running angry) was a 1:36:40
(oh and on a side note, I also met Eric at the GBH. So a PR and a good day in general!)
(And I also met Andy that day too because they do most things together....)
(OH! An that's the day I met Danielle too, but we had known each other for ages on the internets...)
My 2013 PR, on a hot but lovely day, on legs that (theoretically) should not have been fast was 1:37:15

So where am I at now...
I trained almost exclusively on the treadmill for my first half 3 years ago (which was Hampton! It's my Half-aversiry!) I believe I ran in 1:48 (this was the year now famous for sub arctic temps, horrific wind chill and the works. It really was a bit awful.) I hope that my winter of treadmill training leaves me a bit faster lo these many years later!
I ran Hampton again the following year for another 1:48- I used this run as more of a social outing on this particular day so it felt nice and easy. And the weather could not have been better!

Taking into account my finishing time a few weeks ago at the Mid Winter Classic I believe that a 1:40 is a very possible outcome. Realistic.

That is not my official guess though. IF the weather is decent- no frigid temps, no slushy roads, no driving winds I feel confident (perhaps unjustifiably) that I can pick it up a little. But not more than a little.

I predict a finish of 1:38:58 which will leave me wiped out, and possibly annoyed!
I will admit that I think this is a lofty goal and that none of the speed work I have been doing lately indicates that a sub 1:40 finish is in the cards. Screw it, I'm gonna dream big because why not!

Sp plan on that friends, I will run my 1:38:58- then, assuming I am not dying I will run a few more to make it a long run. And then we will all celebrate excellent races, the upcoming Spring season and fabulocity in general with beers and pizza!
And it will be awesome.



  1. when is this race? This weekend? You can most certainly do it, cause you are the speediest gal I know. I wish I didn't have kids that had field hockey, basketball and dance, cause I'd come spectate and cheer like hell for you! Those damn kids keep messing everything up. Don't have any and you can continue to do whatever you want. :) Good luck!

    1. Yep it's this Sunday!
      Haha yeah kids are a dreadful problem for the schedule... ;-) Little pests!

  2. I was registered for this race and excited to meet so many online pals, but staying home due to injury and cheering on the Hyannis Marathon and Half instead. Of all the times to be laid up for 4 months, this winter has certainly seemed like a good one! Not that I'm not jealous of even the coldest of runs ;-) Have a blast!

  3. So are you going to run?!? I am! I want to PR too but we will you know anyone looking to give away a bib, I have a friend looking to run too