Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Food is not a four letter word

So a while back I promised blog posts about two things, my pet peeves and food.
As it turns out I have been able to roll all that fun into one fantastic post.

Since I am temporarily turning this space into a food and exercise blog clearly I need a new name like: Mudslides and Marathons.... Pull ups and Pickles..... Tricep dips and pita chips (you get the idea...)
PR's and Pickybars!! Haha they would probably sue me for copyright infringement! But I rather like that one..

There is always talk on running/health blogs about eating, food, body image, disordered eating, nutrition (some good some just laughable) being too skinny, being too fat and on an on.
I am hesitant to throw my hat into the ring on many of these topics because face it, I'm not an expert and only have my own experiences to rely on.

However. Due to my job I am a role model for teenage and pre teen girls, an because of that I have some really strong opinions on some of these subjects. I was a teenage girl once, long long ago, but not so long that I have forgotten the way that comments can significantly impact your body image and your feeling about yourself, not to mention your relationship with food.

My idea of healthy food. Just kidding, this looks like an awful combo!

We aren't all perfect. Shockingly, nobody is.
When it comes to our bodies, and the way we view ourselves Lauren Fleshman said it so well that instead of writing something inspirational myself I'll just link you up to her: Read it. Read it now.

As far as food goes this is where I start getting a bit peevish. Seriously, when did food become the enemy??
When did it become taboo to call "food" FOOD, or a "meal" a MEAL. Ohhhh no, now it's all "I have to fuel up!" "refuel!" "pre fuel!" "havin' some EATS!" (I hate that one)

WHAT THE HELL? Have a damn sandwich it's not going to kill you or *gasp* make you fat. And call it a DAMN sandwich, you do not have to justify a sandwiches existence by referring to it as "fuel" (I put fuel in the tractor... and sandwiches in my pie hole.)


I have basically stopped following any blogs that obviously promote disordered eating. Honestly, I was more than a bit shocked to see how par for the course this is. If you are only eating roasted squash for 3 meals a day that's just wrong. And it does not interest me.
I'm also reluctant to take much interest in people who view every gram of carbs, delicious pizza, omg bite of ice cream as a terrible, terrible cheat. Live a little people, it's worth it. Don't put the #cheatday #soguilty #sofat anywhere I can see it because I will roll my eyes at your tiny, skinny, needs to cheat, instagrammed self. .....seriously.....

I preach to the kids (and to myself) that a balanced diet involves many different food groups and that unless a serious sensitivity or allergy is a problem it is not necessary- or even healthy- to eliminate entire food groups.
And if you are enjoying cake, that is what you are doing. enjoying it. Not being "bad".
And if you eat a slice of pizza you don't need to feel guilty, or concerned about "burning off" every calorie.
And we should like food! It is fun, and can be exciting, and having a meal with friends and family happens to be one of my favorite things, so get on board...

Eating clams with ALL THE BUTTER.
And guess what, it's life not an effing cheat day....
We need food in order to live. Especially as athletes we need a healthy and balanced diet,
(which can indeed include some chips, beer and pizza- why not! but maybe does not involve a bucket of butter like the above pic on a daily basis. Even I think about my arteries and such...)
So big deal if you have a cheeseburger at dinner. You had a super healthy vegetable laden lunch. It all balances out. Could I be a better athlete if I went onto a raw, no carbs, no beer, no nothing if it is not orange diet? We will never find out.
In contrast to many people I know in real life I eat a tremendously healthy and well adjusted balance of foods. I am lucky to enjoy living like this and call if a lifestyle, not a "diet".
Compared to how some people on the internet eat I'm basically Jaba the Hutt which makes me laugh so hard that I injure myself. Dudes, you enjoy those 500 calories a day that you allot yourself. That's my breakfast!
Me, according to some cray cray bloggers.
I'd rather be Jaba than eat raw carrots and jello for lunch, gross!
In reality I'm not Jaba. I'm a small girl, but healthy. You can't see my bones (except a few ribs, I'm skinny what can I say...) I can work all day, pick up things bigger than myself, I'm strong enough to ride big horses, run many miles, teach the youth of America, be so busy that it is just insane!- and still have energy to hang out with my exclusive dating partner at the end of the day. And that is important- it's about being as healthy and happy as you can be. Not as skinny as you can be. not as restricted as you can be. There are not extra points out there in the universe for people who only eat 500 calories a day!

On the flip side of this I did have a little girl attend one of my day camp programs several years ago. She seemed to get really exhausted quite early in the afternoon so I took a look in her lunchbox. It contained a butter sandwich, cake and soda...... wow...  Perhaps not the healthiest choices to encourage an active day!
If nothing else this was a good learning moment for this kiddo about the balance between healthy and not so healthy, and now a strict diet of junk does not always help us to feel our best! Haha, even I don't eat cake for lunch.

So there you have it. My little rant. My diet is not perfect, I'm not perfect and I don't care at all. I hope that I can impart upon all of my teenagers that food keeps ya' moving, can be fun and adventurous (unless it is lima bean) and certainly is not something to be afraid of or obsess over.
And I tell them this without hesitation! Especially if they bring me cake for lunch :-)



  1. Bravo! Good post! I, too, cannot stand those OMG I just ate a piece of pie instagrams. I am healthy happy and eat food too! Yay for all the girls who eat! I don't feel guilty about any of it. And guess what? I don't have a distorted body image either. Eat and enjoy!

  2. Yay food! I love food. Give me all the food....especially cake.

  3. Sara for Surgeon General!!!

    Not entirely serious, but certainly a comment on just how strongly I agree with you!

  4. Thank you for this post! I love food, too, all sorts of food, and I don't feel guilty about any of it. I really appreciate that you are aware of the impact you have on the young girls you work with. I have a passel of nieces who are teens and pre-teens and I hope that they have positive role models like you!

  5. I love this post so much!! I arrived at your blog via a search for "upper butt pain" (do you still have that by the way??) and I'm so glad I did. I too am bothered by the plethora of bloggers who clearly have an unhealthy relationship with food. I just ate three handfuls of chocolate chips and I do not feel guilt at all. Nor did I take a picture of it nor will I be blogging about it. No big deal. So I ate some chocolate. I also do not use like "fattening" or "carbs" with my kids. We talk about healthy (fruits & veggies & whole foods) & junk food but only because of health--not because of weight.

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