Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fast people, famous people, and me...

This past week has been pretty normal on the winter training front.
There have been 2 common themes over the past week or so.
1: I am very, very busy at work. 10-12 hour days have not been unusual
(this makes mid week 2 hour workouts a tad tricky. I'm pretty good at managing my schedule but it has been tight!)
2: Winter still sucks
Sucky stupid winter
Despite these little challenges I had another solid training week. I clearly felt a little bump up in my fitness this week (finally! good gahd it took long enough..) With Boston finally registering on my race radar this is a good thing- now all we need are warmer temps and safe roads an I'll be back in the game. Until then, the basement and I are spending serious quality time.

Eric and I went to Boston yesterday for the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix. This was a fun run-nerd road trip an we really had a good time! I was really curious to see the Nike team- since flotrack has more or less been devoted to them and their racing/training I was eager to see them in the flesh.
In an excellent twist of fate we got to see Danielle again (twice in one week!) as she and Sarah were spectating too. I believe we all hold on to hope that breathing the same air as the fast kids will make us fast.
I'm counting on it....
Crappy phone photo's...
Famous people! Alberto Salazar's back! Whoot!
I have been super impressed by the Rupp and Cain phenomenon so I was a bit crushed when Rupp pulled out, clearly hurting in the men's mile race. (Eric and I have been saying in our *expert* tones that he was going to make it or break it.... and we saw him break it...) Mary Cain is really just adorable, she was quite dominant in her race (the 1K) and pretty pumped about her win.
We witnessed a world Record in the 4x800 men's relay- wow it was so exciting!
An we saw a bit of a debacle in the women's 2 mile when Jenny Simpson lost count of her laps an hit the turbo with 2 laps to go.... Needless to say when she realized her mistake it was too darn late and she had to settle for second. As I said to Danielle "You don't see THAT every day..."
Since all the cool kids were out and about I got to say a quick hi to the always super sweet Kate Grace, who I managed not to fangirl all over this time. Kinda. Whatever you guys, she is pretty cool and also a really nice person. So Oiselle meet up success! Unplanned but success!!!

Chillin' with elite runners like it's NBD.
So a quick training wrap up from here- I finished the week with 33 miles (to last weeks 39) 90 minutes on the bike and about 2:40 of core/yoga. Decent. Every run had something of substance, which I find far more beneficial than tons of junk miles. Long runs are easy, fast runs are fast, progressive tempo runs have... tempo that progresses haha. (well they do) So things are shaping up for some bigger mileage soon!

Coming up soon.... My predictions/expectations for the Hampton Half.
More on the amazing things I eat every day! (hint: I eat like a normal person...)
My continued training.
My biggest peeves!

So get excited.

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  1. I'm not lovin' this winter, either! Not a very runner friendly winter!