Friday, October 18, 2013

Recovery Week and other fun stuff!

I spent the entirety of last week recovering.
For the purpose of brutal honesty I must admit to the fact that I was agonistically , horifically sore after my big marathon effort. I was rather incapacitated. I only had one (partially) working leg. I was glad my parents house has a handicapped ramp because, doggone it, I used it. UGH to the EFFING UGH.
Shoot, after taking a look at the last paragraph I realize that I am not living up to any kind of blog standard here! Let me try again...

"After skipping thru the finish line of Smuttynose, throwing in a cartwheel for a premium photo op I proceeded to refuel with jugs of ice cold dairy beverage, eat half a slice of fat free cheese as amazing post running fuel, and do some easy yoga. The next day I awoke, refreshed and recovered to go on a 1.0 mile recovery run, then I proceeded to eat a recklessly decadent meal of a spoonful of air and part of a grilled squash.... I'm so proud of my ability to finish #sostrong when I basically did little or nothing during my training cycle!!!!! #OMG #naturalathlete"

HAH! The thing about having a little extra time during recovery is that you can discover some new blogs and have a laugh. (sorry. I'm like a little GOMI on here aren't I?!) (and needless to say, I'm sticking with my tried and true blog favorites, most of whom are runners, fewer of which are HLB's. funny stuff though, it made me glad that I eat real food!)

Anyway, in real life I was very sore.
I obtained a massage which was a horribly painful encounter. I cried.
Then, a few days later I got another one which was less sob inducing.
And then. I was fully recovered! It was like a miracle sent from heaven, for realz. I got back into the swing of running this week, and with the notable exception of some lingering hip pain all is well.

Oh and I also went to a horse show last weekend because that is the best thing to do after a week of one legged riding attempts. The good news is that I can ride better with one leg than most people can with two. Calm down, I'm kidding!

I was feeling quite good by show time and ready to kill it. Baffin (the red horse) put in a good test, brought the scores up from our yucky go at Regionals and snagged a middle of the pack ribbon (we like those.) Chauncy (the yellow horse) threw a major tantrum on Saturday, dug his heels in, and said "F**K YOU!!!!" I was rather apocalyptic.

A few images from said show

OK, you know how sometimes you have a killer training cycle, you have been hitting all your workouts but then get to the race and your legs and/or head check out at mile two? This was exactly the situation, but with a naughty horse instead of a pair of human legs. We spent some time sitting in the sun devising a plan of attack (minus the horse). Knowing, that if at mile 2 my head/legs said "Eff you dude, not gonna happen" I'd give them a little wake up call and remind them that they were TRAINED to do this!! I concluded that that was the course of action to take with Chauncy. So off we went, a little reminder was given in which I had to grit my teeth a bit and play the part of the stern trainer, and he went on to handily win his remaining classes. Little bugger!

I got back to running on Monday evening after a busy Holiday workday in which I taught many kids how to ride. I have eased back into it, 3 very simple runs this week at base pace. I know I'll be pretty slow for the next couple weeks, I know MDI is going to be a social training run and not a race, and I do not yet know what my NYCM plan is. Well, my plan is to rock it. We will see if the legs catch up to the brain!


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  1. Sounds like some foam rolling is needed to wake-up the legs. It's good to back off. Runners tend to be A-type, and not want to back off or slow down. In the end it helps with strength and speed.