Friday, October 11, 2013

September Recap

September was light on the races and heavy on the Smuttynose race prep. This was fine with me, and obviously paid off!

Miles run: 152
This is pretty good stuff since my last week was a little light (taper) and I did completely skip my last "optional" long run because I was at a huge horse show and said screw it...
As these photos show, I was a stylish volunteer and a fabulous coach! (oh, and I rode too...)

Pairs of shoes purchased: 1
After a repeat purchase of my beloved Wave 16's to start the month with I grabbed a pair of the much acclaimed Sayonara's. I still am dedicated to my 16's but the Sayonara's are awesome. Light. Fast. Cute! A great back up pair when you are in the middle of a couple months of abusing yourself and your footwear.

Number of Oiselle Winona Tanks purchased: 3. Yes, I have a problem. sue me :-)

Biking/Crosstraining/Core: REALLY weak. I had to back way off the biking because the hip issue I have been dealing with flared up post bike every time. I completely bailed on yoga because I could not finish work early enough to get there at all.... I had a very busy work month, which is excellent but I can't be everywhere at once. I did do very well foamrolling, does that count?

Races run: One, just the 10k run portion of the Lobsterman tri.

PR's set: Zero, although my 10K was a decent effort.

Longest training run: 20, which was a huge morale boost and my best long run since April!

Number of times I puked on my (new) shoes: Zero! Take that stomach!

Number of times I quit running: Zero. I really enjoyed running in September even though we still had a heaping helping of hot days. I seem to have acclimated to the heat and took it in stride. I also recognize the fact that I prefer the marathon training to ultra training, more variety, more speed work, more fun. Same number of miles just heavier on the fun.


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