Monday, August 5, 2013

July Recap, and exciting news!!!

Recap Time!!!
Miles run: 127
Miles biked: 110
Core: Much better this month. Could still improve.
Times I puked on my shoes. Zero. but I could have twice.
Times I quit running. Once. And I legit quit and called for a ride....
Longest training run: 20. Note to self. I need a longer long run than this if I choose to do another 50K. I also need to get in a 22 or 24 before Smuttynose because  need to know I can do it...
Takeaway message from July. An ultra is not an extra long marathon. The end.
Number of PR's: ONE, as I had never run a 50K before!
Number of races run that equaled really awesome pro pics. THREE.  (that is a first...)
4 on the 4th.
Just badass. Possibly my favorite pic ever.

Old Port Half.
Cute despite the overall yuck of the day...

Shit.....Who broke away from the peloton?
I take back that the first picture is my fav. THIS ONE IS.

My exciting news is that late last week I learned that I had been chosen to be on the Oiselle team for 2013/14!
This story takes us back over a year... I had picked up a pair of Oiselle shorts and a tank to try and I loved them- instant LOVE. I had been aware of the company for some time prior to that because when I was on a mission to find athletic attire made (almost entirely) in the USA their name was on the list.. I was genuinely put off by so many of the running duds I owned being made elsewhere, being low quality, being $120 and lasting one wash.... I put the Oiselle clothing to the test and they passed.   Not only do they strive to make most things here in the USA but they are a company owned by women, and as a woman who owns her own business I totally got behind that!!!
I was hoping to get more involved in the company and with their other runners at that time but discovered that they had already selected their team for the year. I was bummed to have missed the deadline but also appreciated the fact that they took time to select athletes carefully. I applied this year, kept my fingers crossed and was so happy to have been selected! It has already been a ton of fun getting to virtually know my other team mates and believe that they are a very motivated, supportive fit group of women. I am delighted to be able to be one of the faces of a team and a product that I am a huge fan of- and that I have already been promoting and recommending to my runner (and all athletic) friends!
I will be talking more about this exciting new adventure in the coming weeks but wanted everyone to know how lucky I feel and how excited I am!
One additional thing that makes me pumped about teaming up with Oiselle is that they chose me for who I am- a sometimes potty mouthed, post-race-beer-drinking, slightly off centered occasional over-achiever. With poor grammer and a tendency to be bad at twitter and blogging.... The application was quite thorough and I was brutally honest about how I roll... (awesomely, duh)  I plan to continue in this questionable fashion, and with any luck they will continue to love me for being the unique individual that I am!


  1. You are badass! And congrats on Team Oiselle! You are absolutely perfect for the team!

  2. Great photos!

    Congrats on being chosen for Team Oiselle!

  3. Love that last picture! Frame it!
    Congrats on being a new bird! Love Oiselle!

  4. Yay! Congrats! And those are awesome photos!

  5. Congrats on everything! THose photos ARE so badass. Make a poster of that last one, it is phenomenal!

  6. Joan Benoit is my hero. I "raced" with her once. Side by side of course.

  7. Congrats on making the Oiselle team! I'm a new Oiselle member, too!

    You take awesome running pics, by the way. I wish mine were as badass as yours!

  8. Yeah!!! Those pictures are all fantastic. I always look like a lumbering old lady. But I do remember to smile. I can do that cause i'm running so damn slow.

  9. Hey, fellow Oiselle teammate! I live in Vt and am running smuttynose full this October too! Im pretty sure another girl on the Oiselle team is doing the half. I see a Oiselle meet up in the near future! Welcome to the team! We are lucky to have you and can't wait to read more!