Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Training for a 50K. So far, so good.

With The GCI Ultra looming on the horizon my Ultra training has begun in earnest.
I say this with my lying voice somewhat on, as I have probably been putting in the base work for this since December or so.
The real deal however, is that I have recently noticed a definite increase in the length of my workouts.
My Brilliant award winning coach seems to have devised a genius plan of having one of my long, slow, boring as hell runs actually be a mega miles bike excursion. Since biking is still a fun new adventure for me I think this is splendid. With the added benefit of lessening the pounding on my poor old legs.
However. Most of my cycling adventures have been in 50 degree drizzle.
Or an ass kicking thunderstorm, which equals unbridled terror.

A quick example of what my workouts have looked like (this was last week)
Monday: Track ladder
-1600 @ marathon pace
-1200 @ 1/2 pace
-800@ 10K
-400 @ 5k
1600@ marathon (warm up, cool down)
-And 30 minutes of core
Tuesday- Rest (yeah, on my "rest day" I'm usually on my feet teaching for 8-10 hours. Fail..)
Wednesday- 2 hour (30 mile) Bike with drills
30 minutes core/foam roll
Thursday- 50 minute (6 mile) Base run
Added drills, including high knees, skipping, vines, etc
Friday- 2:45 endurance run at easy pace (so, 18 miles at 9:00)

Post long run to my BFF's house.
Tired and sweaty but alive.

Saturday: 1 hour easy bike (so just over 15 miles or so) (and it was awful!)
30 minutes core/foam rolling
Sunday- 2 hour endurance run at "absurdly easy pace" (ok....)
This turned into a 12.5 miler with some fairly decent hills.
It was not exciting...
I'm feeling fine. Yeah, I am a little tired but my legs are holding up well and thus far there is not even a hint of pain or a suggestion from my bod that it is preparing to fall apart. I feel that this is good news.
I have been asked what my goal time is for GCI and I don't have that answer yet. I'll mull it over and throw some numbers out there soon just for the hell of it.
And on a final note.
I found the perfect athletic wedding cake!
Of course, we haven't set a date or made ANY plans but to me, the cake is critical!


  1. My Exclusive Dating Partner Fiance Future Wife takes the best pictures and is *always* so sexy, beautiful and happy with all of her workouts... ;-)

  2. Love love love that cake! And wedding cake is critical.