Friday, June 7, 2013

May Recap!

YAY! A finish line photo from Quassy!!!
I look like I'm about to die.
Please note the awesome tan lines that I'm going to get from my most favorite bra (Oiselle strappy for anyone curious- GO GET ONE. Or two. I need many more!)

So what happened in May...?

Running miles- 107 (yes, this is 90 miles fewer then in 2012. I'm more fit now than I was then. And uninjured. And all around badass!)

Cycling miles- 96 miles. Not bad for a noob :-)  Needless to say, I'm going to beat that amount before the first 10 days of June is over from the looks of things...

Core/Yoga- NOT ENOUGH. I vow to really up the core work in June.
Cute outfits? MANY!!! Thanks Oiselle for a skirt a tough girl can wear!

Times I quit running- 2. And I REALLY MEANT it on one occasion. It didn't stick though. 
Times I puked on my shoes. Zero. But I really, really wanted to a couple times...
Races run- 1. My epic Duathlon debut!
Hence, ONE PR! Hah!
Longest run- 14 miles. LAME!!! I wish ALL long runs could be 14 miles though. Not gonna lie.
And I looked damn good after. Per the norm.

The big takeaway message from the month of May is that when I start getting really busy with work I end up suffering a lot more than normal when I workout. My job is pretty physical and for a couple of weeks until I adapt I honestly feel downright resentful of having to workout for an hour or more at the end of a relentless 10 hour day. Luckily, I get used to it and get over my LEGIT first world drama. I am lucky that I have the leisure to pursue my athletic fun, and that I have a job to keep me busy (and hopefully keep me from living in a cardboard box!)
I always feel like quite the little princess of whiney-ville during the times when training seems like a terrible life choice. (it is during those times that I can see- but still not really understand- how people can fall of the exercise bandwagon... not me though, not me...) The good news is that once I start acclimating to the heat/busy days/exhaustion running and I become very good friends again!
And this is a good thing. Because GCI is looming on the Horizon....


  1. Yay for lots of biking!!! We'll make a multi-sport athlete out of you yet! :-P

  2. Just stumbled on your blog! Love the pics, and love training my core!

  3. You "quit" running twice last month? As in declaring that you were done with it? For some reason that makes me laugh out loud. :-)

    1. Yes. I quit halfway thru one horrible run (I literally halted, said F**K THIS NOISE" AND THEN....! kept going... I quit one other time out of sheer irritation (but this was after I was finished running, and I went out and did it again the next day.) Apparently, I am a terrible quitter. :-)

  4. You are a terrible quitter. Ha ha!
    I'm going to have to start biking more to keep up with you! Love the strappy Oiselle bra...

  5. Biking all the time!!!!!! When does the swimming start? I do not believe you when you say you never will. There is a tri in your future.