Monday, February 5, 2018

Boston Training Week 5: The one with the Mid Winter Classic, no photos, and good advice

Somehow, the Mid Winter Classic has already come and gone.
I might be alone with this thought, but I feel like winter is flying by.

My early week running was fairly casual, and on the treadmill due to some more icy weather, some late evenings at work, and the desire to be warm and to watch Dance Mom's.

The only workout of interest was 6x800 @7:04 on Wednesday, which was good. Most likely my last short/fast work until after Hyannis (and possibly Boston, unless you count mile reps as short/fast.)

I made it outdoors on Saturday for a quick, icy, and cool (19 degree) short run.
My shoes have well over 500 miles on them, and need to be replaced! ("they say" shoes should be replaced every 350 miles. "I say" my bank account can not handle that. "I also say" if you like to replace your shoes more often, then you should do that, and not try to be cheap like me!)

Ruined shoes
Sunday's run was certainly the best adventure of the week.

First, I ran 10 miles, from Portland to Cape Elizabeth to log some extra mileage before the Mid Winter Classic 10 miler. So many 10 milers to deal with!
I had a pretty exact plan laid out, as I did not want to get to the race start too early and cool down, becoming a stiff waste of space. I also did not wish to miss the start.
I gave myself about 8 extra minutes to get there, taking into account mishap that might occur (removing/replacing yaktracks, needing to pee (I did not, for the first time ever) getting lost, or simply having a terrible day of running.)
The ONLY mishap that ALMOST happened was just barely missing a Casco Bay drawbridge opening. That certainly would have been exciting! Luckily, it closed up before I arrived. I did have to on and off the yak tracks a couple times, as the footing was complete ice in many areas. Also, the wind was blowing at a good clip. A 25-30 MPH good clip!! As I ran across the bridge, it literally buffeted me to and fro. It was quite remarkable and extreme, to the point that I was laughing out loud at the absurdity of my situation.
Despite the wind and ice, I made it to the race at exactly the appointed hour. Feeling good. 8:35 pace all the way.

I picked up my bib, waved a (very) quick hello to friends, and before my legs even knew they had stopped, I was on my way again.

I'm in the orange vest #proof that I was there!

Generally speaking, it was a quite good day for running. 35 degrees (perfect), overcast (perfect) and really high winds (not perfect, until they are at your back!)

I had a very good run. I was not trying to kill myself with absurdly fast paces, but I was not planning to hold back. The timing of this race is perfect for a pretty big workout prior to Hyannis, so I just let whatever happened happen.

The wind was pretty aggressive for many parts of the race, but it never made me want to cry, or fall down on the street having an adult tantrum.
And you better believe I LOVED the wind when it was at my back for the final mile and a half. It pushed me along to a legit fast finish, a 1:18:15 which is a 7:50 average, which is pretty damn fast, if I say so myself.

Post race, Eric set a HUGE PR

I felt great afterwards, spent some time catching up with friends, and then went out for a delicious late lunch/brunch.

MMMM. Brunch at Silly's is terrific. 
This was a really terrific workout, a good confidence booster, and confirmation that I am considerably more fit than this time (or any time) last Spring.

I feel like this was a great way to wrap up another good week of training!

Back to last week's post for a second. I got a couple comments (which is so rare!!) with some questions about the wisdom of pub runs, aka the wisdom of drinking alcohol after running.
And specifically, if I ever felt that my judgement might be poor after a run, due to being exhausted.

In brief, I can see how a non running person could be shocked that a run of 13-20 miles could leave you anything less than dehydrated, depleted, and possibly delirious! When I was not yet a runner, I could simply not imagine running even a mile without passing out and throwing up.

Now that I have been a runner for many years, my body is pretty used to endurance training. I also care for myself well during my time spent running; hydrating very well, and eating energy boosting (and all natural!) snacks. Also, the pace that I keep during my training runs is causal, and conversational. After a run, if I felt exhausted to the point of not being able to use proper judgement I would most likely go the the Emergency Room, not the pub! I usually feel good after a long run, and ready for a large glass of water (without ice!) a protein filled snack, and then perhaps a small beer, enjoyed with friends, good conversation, and camaraderie.

I would feel badly if someone thought that I was running a terribly hard, and technical long run, followed up with keg stands and body shots to rehydrate! Heavens, that would be a horrible choice! (for me anyway, if you can pull that off then good for you, and yikes!)

In conclusion, I think there are many bloggers out there who live life to an extreme. NO grains, NO dairy, NO sugar, NO beer, NO NO NO!!! I am fortunate not to have any allergies, or intolerances, and I truly enjoy almost everything in moderation. (well, I eat a LOT of veggies.... and I don't smoke ANY crack!!) But, at the end of the day, a little cake, a little beer, a little cookie, a little pizza is part of my well balanced life. I think I am a very accurate, and average example of an non elite athlete, who is honest about their life and training.

(and..... my Doctor agrees. Saying "If I had more patients who lead your lifestyle, I would be out of business!!)

In the long run, please do what you feel is right for you and your life. I know, and respect so many people (runners, and not runners) who have very different diets, lifestyles, and habits and who are all healthy and meeting their goals! Moderation is key, and that is my good advice for the week!

Miles Run: 43.7

Elevation this week: 1,848

Lowest low temp: 11

Highest temp: 36 which is just fine

Total snowfall: A few inches here and there. Plenty of ice. A thaw. And a freeze. 

Coldest day that I ran outdoors: 19 degrees. Not too bad. 

Random fact: I really dislike loud noises, to the point where I  bring earplugs to loud movies, to fireworks, and on planes (and clearly to any live music events!)  BUT, I have trouble sleeping without background noise. WEIRD. 


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