Monday, January 9, 2017

Week one of Boston Training: PR or ER!!! Or, just ER...

This week started out just fine and dandy. (if only such things could last.....)

Monday was the big day, a nice fresh and glorious beginning! Week one, day one started off with a bang.
OR, a boring 5 at a 9+ pace (as prescribed.)
No duck sightings either, so overall a bit dull.

Tuesday was a day of complete torment.

Sufferfest, UGH!!
A 40 minute sufferfest bike ride, which is a horror.
I find the challenge of cycling to really be above and beyond that of running. Most likely, because I do not have the correct muscles. I yelled the F word quite a few times. Also, biking makes my butt hurt.
I also did a bit of strength work.

Wednesday was another run, on slush and slime covered roads.

Excited to run on the slime
Despite the crap conditions, I went for it and did my week one "mile test." Just a quick sprint to see where the fitness is at, you know? I managed a 7:25 which seems right. Yes, the smegma covered roads didn't help but neither did my exploding heart or lead filled legs. I should be able to do a bit better on this test in a few.

Thursday I had quite a bad accident at work and landed myself in the ER for the morning.

Whoops. All jacked up.
 I apparently was due, as it has been 23 years since my job has sent me, bleeding, to the hospital (although there were times in my 20's when I could have made the trip... but didn't because #stupid)
Anyway, I sustained a great blow to the face and earned myself my first ever CT and my first ever stitches. My brain is fine. That's all that matters. My jaw is jacked up and I can no longer eat anything other than mush. (but not broken. thank heavens.) My chin got stitches, and now I feel like I have a little blue beard which is creepy.
At the end of the day, when you walk away from a horse accident alive, you are happy. A few inches in either direction and I'd probably still be in the Hospital, or worse. It was a bit of a freak thing, so I can't give a good lecture on safety first or similar....
My Dad and I had a lovely morning in the ER, playing with the striker bed.(even in the ER I get bored easily..)  Eric brought food (which I couldn't eat, because chewing...) My Mom didn't get summoned to the Hospital because I never really had a major meltdown (I have a real issue with needing to go under the knife- avoided for the time being!!) But she made me soup and eggs and soft things. Everyone was glad that I was mostly in one piece.

I took Friday off because that's what one should do, after being in the hospital.
I ate soft foods and ibuprofen. 
Soft foods and my liquid diet.....

Saturday I went on a little baby run...
Wait for it....
Not exactly the right one, but we aren't gonna be picky at this point. So yes, we were upgraded to a 2017 model for our troubles and got a 2016. UGH.
The treadmill seems nice. Nicer than my face. There's gonna be nothing but slow ass running until I talk to my other Dr next week. (or maybe even no running. I'm not an idiot.)
I still could not eat other than frigging beer and coffee protein shakes and many healthy liquids.

Beer of the week, important part of #liquiddiet

One more run on Sunday, on the new treddy since it was a whopping 15 degrees out. I had a bit more fun during this run, as I was feeling somewhat better and played with some of the features.
I did a couple loops around some fjord in Norway. Pretty entertaining.

It's wicked dark, but this is my treadmill.
The weekly wrap up:
Miles run: 22.4
Other: 1 bike, 2 rounds of strength work
Trips to the hospital: 1
Duck sightings- ZERO
Low/High temps: 4/38
General feeling toward life: Mostly good but busted up face time was sucky. Feeling quite exhausted for a couple days post injury. Bad sleeping skills.
Beer of the week: Sebago whistle punk DIPA, a really pleasant and floral DIPA that still packs a punch. Nice hops, a bit of a throwback in today's world of super fruity/juicy IPA's.


  1. A boy I dated in high school got kicked in the face by a horse and was knocked unconscious for sometime before he came to and found his way back to his house. He wound up with a hole in his face. He's lucky he woke up and didn't die in the field.

    Way to take it like a champ.

    1. Just gotta rub some dirt on those wounds and WALK IT OFF!!! ;-)

  2. Hope your recovery is speedy. Horse accidents are bad but it made for a great start to the blog in 2017 :-)

    1. Nothing like blood and gore to keep people entertained!