Friday, January 6, 2017

The final week. Before the first week of actual training.

Last week (the week that ended on New Years) was the final week of the fall hiatus and I sure took advantage of it.

So much lazing around, eating cheese and bacon and cake.

Well... Not exactly. While it wasn't complete debauchery, I imagine it is also the final week of having 3 days off and only running 14 miles.

It also snowed an absolute crap ton.

Which meant a ton of work cleaning it up..

Too much snow
While a dedicated day of snow removal is good and all, I like structure, and am ready for some to return to my running life.

I have 15 weeks, which includes taper, to prepare for Boston. I schedule a 2 week taper so that is 13 weeks of actual training. One of those weeks will be a slack off week, where I take a massive cut back. I do not plan to schedule this for "week 3" as I, lazily, did for Hartford. Oops.

My plan does not really differ much from the past couple years of marathon training.Once I get into the thick of things,  I tend to plan a day of speed, one of hills, one of half easy/half base, a long run and a very very easy day.

In an ideal world I would keep up a fine regimen of strength and cross training.
Perhaps ride my bike, with great skill, a few days a week.
Plan my meals with macros. I hope macros have a high percentage of peanut butter.

In all likelyhood, none of those things will happen. Ain't nobody got time fo' macros.

What can I actually promise you, of fine reader??
An honest blog. You won't get any bullshit from me.
I also won't try to sell you things.
I'll fill you in on (per the requests) Ducks, food, grass, beer, my glorious outfits, all bobcat sightings and (everyone's favorite!!!!) "What I think about while running"
Yep. I'm gonna tell you. ALL about what I think about. LUCKY!!!
I'm also all kinds of out of shape right now. So there may be tales of struggle. REAL STRUGGLE.

Right, so that's it for now. I'm off to make some gains, have a protein shake and lift heavy weights.
(no. I am not. But I wanted to see if anyone actually reads to the end....)

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