Sunday, December 18, 2016

The "Hey, Winter is here" week of *training*

I miss last winter and the mild temps and lack of snow. WHY is it SO COLD????

This winter has rolled in with some major attitude and I, for one, am not supportive of this polar shit vortex. It's garbage. GARBAGE.

It's cold. So cold.
We had a pretty decent little storm last Monday. Because one must get out for a snowy run of *magic* once a season, Eric and I headed out for a few careful miles.

It's darker than it looks. And Colder. But I'm in like, a parka so it's clearly cold.
As far as outdoor activities go, that was it for the week. I work late mid week, and without a treadmill to run on I was stuck on my bike. I did some Sufferfest, known to bikers the world over as "torture", and to me, a non biker, as "death."

By Friday the temps had become absurdly cold and, despite having daylight hours in which to run, I CERTAINLY DID NOT. I'm crazy but I am not stupid, and running when it is -6 degrees out is just ridiculous.

I paid up my $10 on Friday and had a nice indoor run at my sister's gym. As a general rule I don't have time to drive to the gym to run (40 minute round trip) but, due to the frigid temps I was finished working early. Plenty of time for a sweaty indoor run.
It was actually a really pleasant workout, and I did a few 800's at mid 7 pace. I have done no speedwork lately, so this was fun! Also, I didn't die or suffer too horribly so that made me feel better about my recent 10 mile weeks (weeks.... lord.)

The weekend was a craptastic blend of freezing weather, a snow storm, and to top it all off some rain, ice and a hurricane.
Snowing like crazy

I'm heading into Boston Training in two weeks. I am really looking forward to getting back onto a good, regular schedule. This fall/winter has been a lengthy recovery and rebuilding cycle. As important as this is for me, and my frail and rapidly aging body, I am ready to get back to work.

I must admit to some concerns though (which all Maine running residents may also be having.) Thus far, winter has been aggressive. I'm internally cringing at the thought of long runs in arctic temps, or (worse) every workout in the basement. Last year was pretty pleasant for winter training and I am now a spoiled princess.
I need to form a small town winter warriors training group so that we can all suffer together. I think there is strength in numbers, and it is true that misery loves company!
(and this is where I have a moment of the sads, because I am the only distance runner in my town...) 

Sigh. I'll figure it out. Maybe winter is over. Maybe I won't be stuck in the basement for good. Maybe there will be a miracle and with zero training I will be able to run a 3:19. (NO)  (HAHA even with training, no!)

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