Monday, December 12, 2016

Portland Brewers Dash Holiday 5k

It has been a few years since Eric and I have participated in the Portland Brewers Dash Holiday 5K.

While the weather can be a little uppity, it is a fun and super flat race. The other perks are a late (11:00) start plus a free beer PLUS a legit big post race brunch.

Required pre race selfie!
As a general rule we usually see 12,867 of our closest running/triathlon friends there. This year was a huge miss in that department, as we saw ZERO people we knew. This is almost unheard of!
(there was a lot going on this weekend to explain the absence of most of our friends. however, we literally saw nobody that we even "sort of" knew. we wondered if there had been an apocalypse?)

The weather first thing may have been enough to keep most logical people indoors.

OK wow. Hi winter, what's up.
By the time we arrived in Portland, and were more or less ready to run, there was decent weather. It was about 22 degrees with very little wind and abundant sun. (which really isn't ALL that decent, if I really think about it....) It was a pretty day though, especially if you were indoors......

A pretty day, a pretty scene
Neither of us are in shape to run a "fast" 5k, nor did we think that redlining it the whole time was worth it. We made our way to the start, and then, as I am apt to do, I ran off to look at things while everyone else lined up at the start. *focus, Sara....*

I'm over here looking at things..... While everyone else lines up...
I think *most* of us occasionally find it hard to not try to be competitive, even in a race that really doesn't matter. I know I have found myself pushing a pace I am not fit for before, and while I occasionally find this doable, it wasn't in my plans for Sunday.

We started in the middle of the pack and ran steadily throughout the race, maintaining a consistent pace. We had a nice chat, watched planes coming in to land at the jetport, and we made sure to beat the gingerbread man!

Since both Eric and I are in the midst of the "off season" it was easier than normal to hold back a bit, and we held a pace about a minute slower than our normal 5k pace.
There is no doubt that a 7:50 pace is still a great workout, but it certainly wasn't the agonistic level of suffering and pain that one attributes to a normal 5k. THANK THE LORD.

While it has not become worse, I continue to have some tightness in my right hamstring. Nothing seems to make it more uncomfortable so I wasn't worried about a little workout. I will be seeing my chiro soon to fix this problem, as it has been lingering around for over a week. Stupid! 

We both finished in 24:19 which is a completely respectable time and a good workout!
Sometimes a nice Holiday 5k is just what you need. Both of us had a really pleasant time and enjoyed the rapidity in which we were done! (sometimes being done is awesome!)
5k races are amazing because they are so short. Profound words! But, when one becomes accustomed to the challenge of a marathon, a nice little 5k is inspiring. (especially when run at a reasonable, not near heart attack, pace.)

Then, we went and drank a beer and talked about running and Pokemon and Christmas and a bunch of other weird things as one would expect.

Port race beer, post race hair
 So is that it for 2016? In the race department, I believe so! It's been quite the year and hopefully I will find the time for a big year end blog recap!

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