Monday, March 9, 2015

Hey, I'm BACK!

I'm back! I did indeed vanish again, not only was I too busy to keep up with blogging but honestly you guys- do you really want to hear the following on a daily basis?

"Guys, it's 20 below and snowing like a bitch!"
"Ummmmm you guys? It's cold and there is a fresh foot of snow in my yard...."
"Guess what!? 4th snow day in a row!!"
"I can't find the dogs because the snow is so deep they sink out of sight... Never to be seen again...."
"My view from the treadmill: Limited, because the snow is over the window..."

This was from February 10. The snowbanks are twice this size now.
Since I do not wish to be the boringest blogger who ever penned a boring blog I skeddadled, I hope I was missed greatly.

Since December I have run outdoors 6 times. Two of those times I was either racing or adventure snow running (which is crazy to the max). Twice I ran happily along with Mr. Bradlowski while on vacation (which was lovely, but was vacation running which was for fun and joy and not training.) And more recently- as in yesterday and today- outdoors in my own backyard. Miracle!

This is NOT our backyard but it was while we were on vacation! Vacation running ftw.
Despite the monotony of the indoor running situation, I recognize the fact that if I did not have a treadmill in my house I would simply not have been able to run this winter. So yeah, I am glad to have it. And glad to be off of it, at least until the next storm hits!

So to make this easy and not eye clawingly dull here is the rundown:

February. (You are a horrible person!!)
Weather- Complete bullshit
Running- Challenging but fascinating and always an adventure. Of death... :-)
Health- I caught a vile Floridian death plague and was down and out for a week. Suck-O.
Days until Boston: I think it's 6 weeks away today so that many :-)
Races run: ZERO. As most New Englanders know everything has been cancelled. EV-ER-Y-THING.
Other: Eric and I had a lovely week in Florida. We know how to have a great time and we did! Ironically, it was exceedingly cold while we were there but there was no snow. Nothing can get in the way of our good times! We really had the very best of amazing fun!
Brrrrrrrrrr Florida!!!! Still awesome though.
At this point, despite the monster snowbanks and more bad weather just waiting in the wings Spring really is close. I'm getting excited to run Boston again and will talk more soon (or in a month, we all know the truth!) about my plans, how this training cycle has compared to others in the past year, and how my race week and race plan will be a little different as well.

So hope for the best kids, soon the roads will be completely clear, the snow gone, it will be hot and buggy and muggy and humid and we will all have something different to complain about! (and I can't wait...)


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  1. It's good to have you back! This winter has been terrible - esp for runners