Monday, February 2, 2015

January recap, all the storms, all the excitement!

January certainly went out with a bang, 20 something inches of snow in the Blizzaster of 2015 and one million feet of snow since (those million feet are not getting any attention because they are not falling in Stormageddon format.)

Day after the snowzaster. Cleaning snow off high things from the bucket of the tractor. #mainelife
Since February roared in all crazy pants, spewing snow and chaos here and there I had no choice but to bail on the Mid Winter Classic. I was *bummed*, especially when I woke up and it was about negative 16 degrees with a gentle 40 MPH wind. Yeah..... While it might not have been such harsh conditions on the Coast I still had to stick around town and try to take care of work stuff that just can't get done on snow days. Honestly, I missed seeing my friends but my heart wasn't broken to miss the frigid conditions.

So it's time for a quick January recap!

-I got the sick and had to lay low for a bit. No big deal and my mileage got back to a normal point for the final two weeks of the month. My total mileage was about 120 which I am happy with- I'm not the Captain of the 60 mile weeks so this is a fine number of miles for January. 

-I ran Derry. I remembered why I'm not crazy about it but it certainly was a good training day!

Biiiiig finish! Woof....
 -I became oh-so famous! I thought I might see a slight increase of blog readers post Chronicle article but I did not.  Kind of a relief since my blog is less than stellar about 95% of the time. Who knows how I would handle the pressure of the big time!

Well, I FEEL famous anyways!
-However, Maine Running Photos shared my Derry recap and about a gazillion people read that blog. Funny right, runners read running blogs and horse people not so much.

Hundreds of people enjoyed my 95% crummy blog. Time to up my game (and face)
 -I made it to Yoga a few times, I wish I could find time in my schedule to go at least twice a week but it just is not in the cards right now. I have many late afternoon and evening lesson to teach and I really can only sneak out early one day! (and to be honest- that is tough. I really have to work hard on NOT booking up that time....) 

Hopefully February brings some better weather, but it looks unlikely.

Keith Carson... You better watch it buddy- this is not OK!!!!

Well, I have my dreadmill, my Dance Moms, and Uptown funk on repeat so I will make it!
The first 2 weeks of Feb should be leaning towards higher volume and then I'm getting the hell out of town and heading south mid month for a week. I have that penciled in as a big fat ZERO week but we shall see. I'm actually tempted to bring some running shoes and, if the mood strikes, enjoy a little warm weather running!



  1. Uptown funk you up...I'm obsessed. Good for you getting in that 16. I was sick at the beginning of this month and am slowly gearing up for training. Really crossing my fingers that 2015 is finally my year to be back at this injury free!

    1. This is absolutely your year! I have a feeling you are going to rock a marathon :-) Good luck lady!

  2. We got some snow but nowhere near as much as you did. I am a little jealous but my husband does not share my excitement. He's the one plowing it on a tractor freezing. I just play in it.

    1. It's snowing AGAIN! I'm getting excited for Spring at this point... I may never run outside again from the looks of things!