Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What's Next? Stupidity.

I have had a master plan all year of how this running season would play out.
It got a bit derailed with a close-but-no-cigar non PR day at the Hampton Half and then of course, the semi disaster that was Boston.
However. Back in January I decided that Boston wasn't the end goal for this 5-6 month training cycle but another crack at a 50K was. Since I was quite healthy after Boston it was deemed acceptable by Coach Kelsey to piggy back the marathon training into an ultra.
WHY????? She should have shut me DOWN!!

Yeah I haven't really publicized this. I totally wanted to be able to back the fuck out, shame free.
Honesty on the internet. Always fun. 

Really though, I've only been about 50% committed. Or maybe 25%. Or 10%.
Until today. when I sucked it up and signed up.
(so now, I should be 100% committed in the other sense of the word.)

Please note my semi-depressed reply to "how I learned" about the race.

The race is Sunday so it's not like I could exactly continue to contemplate it.

How I feel this exact minute about my choices.

Hmmm. OK time to get excited.
I'm excited because it will be an adventure.
I'm excited because last year I learned how NOT to run a 50K.
I'm excited because my friends will be there and Pineland is FUN!!!
I'm excited because there is beer at the finish and this will be a quality test of my stamina in regards to running towards beer.
I'm excited because I am badass and can do anything I damn well set out to do
I'm excited because when I spend $$ I better get excited, haha!!!

I think this is stupid because:
It's 31 miles
I'm in it to finish, certainly not to compete
It's 31 miles over HILLS
There will be nature. and ticks. I hate ticks.
I might get muddy and I dislike mud. 
(all valid reasons)

I think we need to call upon divine intervenion.
Kate, please buy me this!!!
Please 6 pound 5 ounce sweet lord baby geezes, get me to that finish line!!!

Alex and Ani... They have bangles for every occasion. Even 50K's.

Anyway, I'm all in and plan to finish the full 50K with a smile on my face and to implement my ultra running plan far better than at GCI last year. (more on this later this week)
I really, deep down in my heart am excited. I think this will be a big challenge but why not, right? 

Of course, Sunday is scheduled to be the warmest day of the week so I will probably melt at mile 10 and require assistance to get to the beer tent at the finish. (I am currently accepting volunteers for on course hospice care I mean assistance.)

Oh Boy. sometimes I wonder what I'm getting myself in to!!!
After this it is all 5K races people, ALL 5K races...



  1. Good luck at your 50K!! I don't think it's stupid, and you will do great!

    1. Thanks Jamie! I hope you're right.... :-)