Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One year ago....

Today was one of those funny days where there was a lot of "one year ago at this exact time I was doing thus and such marathon related activity...." Weird.
Thankfully, what I still remember as a highlight of the day, pre swat team time was that Eric and I got engaged. My part in fighting the terrorists is to make sure that my joy in that moment doesn't get lost.
I just said to Eric "We don't really have a "story" from that day as many others do, (since thankfully our friends, family and the two of us had left the finish about an hour prior to the first bombing) But, if you hurt a runner, or their family I take personal offense to it because we are a close knit community. You mess with them, I get pissed"

Good things happened on 4/15/13 too....

Bottom line, we will all be back there. Stronger. More badass. Ready to prove that you don't mess with any of us (New England-ers, runners, humans.....) 

We have 6 days and counting.

More on these final few days tomorrow :-)


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  1. Yes you do need to have your joy at your engagement. Good luck this year.