Thursday, April 10, 2014

11 days and counting!

It seems we are really in the final countdown phase around here!
The really REALLY nice thing is that the weather is improving exponentially, every day seems to be a bit nicer and the snowbanks have melted to a much less ominous 10 foot or so level.  Yikes!
Honestly... I can't ever remember a Spring when I was more excited to see the temps hitting the low 50's, it feels amazing and I am so excited for better weather!

I typically am not a huge fan of taper time but thus far, I feel fine. Kelsey and I have figured out that I operate best with a 2 week taper, and that as long as she keeps me pretty occupied with amusing workouts up to the (almost) end that I don't freak the hell out. So while half my brain thought it might be time to get fat and lazy the other half is just as happy to still have mile repeats and such on the docket.

I had my final long run on Sunday. Not only did this mark the longest run of 2014 but it also marked the first time in several training cycles that I have run over a 20 miler. I managed 21, over hill and dale, in gorgeous weather, with no problems at all.
I don't trust good long runs- I typically hate a significant part of each one so I'm not sure what to think. (other than I deserved it!)

Wheeeeeeeee!!!!! Long run OVER!!!

Upon arriving back home Eric, my family and I had a tiny taper party, where we drank beer, ate all of my Mom's brie, olives and almonds and I sported some spiffy compression gear and sat on an ice pack.

Beer and compression for the win!!
I'm a little nervous that we are going to have an 80 degree marathon day and considering the conditions here, I'm not sure how well I would handle that.
The other side of my brain is scared that it is going to be 40 and pouring down rain.
Apparently, my biggest concerns are weather related. I can handle THAT- so much better than being worried about a broken ass!

I was quite delighted to be a featured runner on Oiselle's blog yesterday. You can read all about it here! My super fun Q & A....
They are a bit confused about my equine profession but it is sweet that they pay attention to the fact that I am, indeed, an equestrian.
I liken this to speaking to my riding friends about running. "You are running a marathon?" they say. "That is like, 5 miles right?"
Close enough. :-)

So with 11 days to go I'm feeling physically and mentally well, quite hungry, thankful to be uninjured, and really looking forward to the big event.
Speaking of hungry... I don't know what is happening but I have been having rude cravings for BEEF!!! I typically enjoy an occasional steak and what not, but ALL thru the past few weeks I have been having a real need for cheeseburgers. It's serious.
This is what happens when you send your vegetarian fiancee to the store for beef and cheap wine:

Hahahah! Wow close call!

So, I have my grass fed beef beef in hand, an extended forecast to fret over (it doesn't extend quiiiiite far enough!) and I'm excited,
Bring it on!!

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