Thursday, September 5, 2013

August Recap

August Recap. A few days late but that's cool...

Miles run- 148. Well THIS is better than last August's 35 miles!

Miles Biked- 32 Hahaha whoops! Taking into account the fact that I had a couple of rest weeks I'm fine with this. Also, and importantly, I had a very tough time cycling with the summer traffic. The roads were crazy, there is no shoulder at all and my confidence on the bike is still lacking.

Core/Yoga- I did better this month. Still room for improvement but a good upswing from July.

Races run: 3!

Beach To Beacon. The day a 10k was actually an 8 miler.

Family 5K trail race.
This was a month when I was lucky to run so many races with excellent company!

Rev3 Half- another fun picture for the 2013 collection.
And the day when I remembered that I can actually run pretty well...
PR's set- Zero, unless you count the trail 5K which is semi-legit.

Number of times I puked on my shoes- ZERO. Going strong in the no puke zone!

Times I quit running: Zero. Strange but true.

Longest training run- 17. Going strong prepping for Smuttynose in early October.

Number of new shoes purchased: 1, which brings me to pair #4 for the year. Keeping Mizuno in business.

So in conclusion, August was a very strong month especially considering the post Ultra recovery time and my super busy work schedule. I feel really great going into the high volume weeks ahead and I'm very motivated to run a solid Marathon in October.

I'm really happy with my current running mileage (I thrive on 45-ish miles a week) and I know that I can incorporate some extra cross training into my schedule for an extra fitness boost. I'm hoping to be at my peak fitness for 2013 this fall so am ready to crank it up (more. basically I live my life that way, gosh...)


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