Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A week of my workouts!

Hello again from a bad blogger.
Ya know, I think most of the world will agree that when you work a ton of hours, then add some kickass marathon training into the mix sometimes blogging has a way of falling off the priority list.

I have had some questions via email from my loyal fans asking about my training leading up to Smuttynose in October. Last week was a pretty solid, pretty typical, and also manageable week in my training log so I'll share!

Monday: Off, Tuesday is typically my day off but I actually had a chance to rest up for a couple hours today. Hit the comfy chair, slip into some sexy little compression socks and drink a beer. Recovery of the champs right there kids! (Monday is usually my Yoga day- but the Holiday messed up that plan!)
I am slowly changing my feelings about yoga. I yoga first drink second!!
And don't worry. I'm not turning into one of those bloggers who relies heavily on cartoons....

Tuesday: Track workout! I had 4 800's on this that were to be done in the 3:20 range. While this is a decent enough workout I also felt it was within my comfort zone. I did the repeats in 3:18, 3:16 (then had to dash off the track and move my car because the lot was being swept...) 3:23, 3:16. So all within the correct range. A total of 7 miles on the day.

Round and round.

Wednesday: 20 miles on the bike. This took about 1:15 and with the hills we have in the area was a good ass kicker. I also did 30 minutes of core (if anyone wants to know more about my core routine holler, until then I'll assume that reading about core is like watching paint dry.)

Giving Fiona a workout...

Thursday: 6 miles at base pace (mid 8's) with some drills thrown in. I call it prancercising... And it amuses the people of my town to no end. I also did 30 minutes of core and 20 minutes of foam rolling. This falls into the "easy day" category.
Then I did a really quick fashion show and pranced around like a boss in my pimpin' new Oiselle Kit.


Friday: Negative split 10 miler. started off easy in the high 8's. Made it easily into the 8:15 range by mile 4, cranked it up for an 8:06, 8:00, 7:35 for my final 3 working miles. It was solid, but I felt great throughout. Hit up the foamroller for about 20 minutes post run.

Saturday: Had to make this my long run day instead of Sunday due to some scheduling stuff. 19 miles in 2:47 in cool, damp weather. Nothing exciting to report, I have had a string of decent long runs and I am going to quietly enjoy this and try like crazy not to jinx it! I finished the day with compression, foamrolling and some serious snacks.

Sunday: Was supposed to be an hour easy bike. My Bestie needed a little long run company so I slapped on my shoes at 4:30 AM and headed out for a gentle 8.5. My legs appreciated the shake out and it was a good way to finish up my week!

So there my friends is a week of marathon training. Not as high mileage as some of you fast types but still a good effort from my vantage point. I think I ended up with 51 miles which makes me feel happy- that's my perfect get fit but don't die marathon training mileage total.



  1. But...I like the cartoon. It's okay if you do turn into one of those bloggers who relies heavily on them...

  2. Yeah reading about core would be like watching paint dry. I have also used that phrase for Downton Abbey but I know I'm in the minority there.

  3. Looking pretty Bad Ass in that Oiselle attire. So cool! 51 miles is a very high mileage week from my perspective right now. I can't believe I ever ran up to 65-70 miles a week before. I'm lucky if I get 35 now. Nice job!

  4. Fast types ey? You seem to be pretty speedy yourself! :) GReat week! :)