Monday, October 3, 2011

The BEST race report EVER.

I have often thought that I should have made a name for myself as a beer blogger. I expect that I would have had far more to talk about on a daily basis, if nothing else...
Here is a mini race report from yesterday, using some of my favorite things,

As we all know, I had forgotten about this race because I am a:

Perhaps being a bit of a fool is a good thing. It brings the old ego down a bit and keeps me from running around yelling:

Knowing that there is NO chance of finishing in less than 4 hours also keeps me from being a big old:

One of my biggest concerns, and rightfully so, was being struck down by the dreaded and hard to avoid: (Luckily I was able to avoid the krampus! yay!)

So. In the:

I gazed out upon the EPIC weather. Best described as a:

After 0.2 miles my feet were so waterlogged that I suspected that I had misplaced my sneakers and was instead wearing:

I finally fisnished! And in 2:04:09 which isn't too shabby considering that I expected to walk the whole thing (didn't walk at all). The BEST news is that I felt GREAT, which was a welcome change from the normal feeling of: (a polite way to say shit??

I was pleased to be done, but really had a very good race. I wrapped myself up in one of those tinfoil blankets, ate some bagles, drank a gatorade and left. Much to my great delight I was home just in time for:


A "real" race report to follow, not that I really left anythng out!


  1. Woohoo! Sounds like your fears were left behind! Congrats on a great run.

  2. This is a hysterical race report! Love it!