Thursday, April 7, 2011

What next??

I am a woman without a plan. I do not like this... Evidently, my motivation is driven by my competitive nature and without a race on the horizon I'm flipping around like a fish out of water. Directionless... And a touch confused. Let's take care of this problem, shall we? Keeping in mind that my Equestrian competitive season starts on May 14Th, and that (no lie) I am booked every weekend in June this is what I have my eyes on at this time. I'm going to outline a few possibilities and then leave it to you all to decide for me. Or to help at any rate, no pressure people, no pressure!

1: May 7th, Big Lake Half Marathon: Alton, NH
So, do I have the tine, energy and attitude to do one more half before Summer hits and I'm reduced to running 8 miles a week? (A WEEK! BLAH!) My original grand plan was to have last weekends Half be the last before moving on to shorter distances for the Spring and Summer months. This Half looks fun- hilly (at least they admit to it... better to know!) and not too terribly far from where I live. So the question is.... Do I go for the distance one more time??

2: May 8th, Portland Sea Dogs 5K: Portland ME
So this is one of those big, jolly local races where there are a bazillion people all dashing thru the narrow streets of Portland. I'd be looking for a PR here which would mean that for the next month I would get to work on speed work shorter distances and all that craptastic stuff. The other option is that I could get a couple friends to run this with me "for fun" Like I do anything "for fun..."

3: May 22nd, Evan's Run 10K, Norwell MA
Probably wouldn't think twice about this one but the WHOLE family lives down there and I could probably talk some of them into running. Or hanging out... Probably even feeding me! And it has the 10K option- 10K's are really hard to come by from the looks of things. It would be a bit of a haul (3.5 hours) but like I said... The whole Family!

I know for sure that I have the 4 on the 4th (of July, Duh) in my plans as well as the infamous Beach To Beacon in August. So the task at hand is to figure out what to do next. Your opinion is much appreciated!


  1. I would do a 10k - a fun, hard(er) to find distance, and I love to race with the fam.

  2. I think number 3--just right in distance for the time you have available.

  3. I agree--a 10K. The 5K sounds a bit too crowded to be competitive (and as much as it'd be "just for fun," races are ALWAYS competitive!) Although I would also say if you think you can fit in training, then go for the half!

  4. A friend of mine has a rule - she won't travel further for a race than the duration of the race itself. Not sure if that speaks to you, but if it does, it might knock out the 10k.

    I totally feel you on the busy-ness - after this weekend, I don't have a free one until mid-June!

  5. I vote for Evan's Run 10K, Norwell MA

    I love 10k. it is worth the effort and the registration fees. plus family...come on you cannot beat that!

  6. It's always fun to run the short races during the summer. I think you should do the 10k! I say, what the heck--go for it!

  7. I did Big Lake twice. (In fact I am blogging about it.) Loved it the first time, not as well run at all the second. But I think they got lots of complaints and have fixed it up. Parts of it are pretty and yes it is hilly. The first year they had lots of fun water stops. I say go for it.

  8. I vote the 10 mile. Have you ever done a 10 mile race? It's like the best distance! A 10 mile race was my absolute favorite race last year. You get to mile 5 and it's like BAM LET'S GO!!

  9. I am SO.FAR.BEHIND!!!! Kick ass race! Loved the report! You are making big progress!!! Looks like the 10K is winning out in votes here although I'm pretty sure I would rather run back to back marathons than a 10K! It's a great tempo training distance though and the WHOLE FAMILY! Gets my vote too:)