Friday, August 11, 2017

Summer recap

It is hard to believe that it is already August 11th. As usual, the summer flew by!

I still am completely undecided on Fall marathon plans. There are many factors playing into this, but eventually I'll need to get it together and decide what the hell I am going to do. 

It was been an interesting summer of activity. After the pre-Hartford summer training schedule of 2016 (in the wretched heat) I was interested in a less structured summer. 

It has been fun.

Here is a photo montage of how it has gone down. 

Family Party Run the mountain (peak one)
My cousin Evan and I ran from home, to Hawk Mt, to Mt Ti'rem prior to our annual family party to make sure it could be done. 
It could, so when the day came all the crazy kids joined in. 
And it was awesome.

On the way down, meeting the family hiking up!

At the base of Mt Ti'rem, peak 2. Sweaty. 

Runners and hikers at the top of Ti'rem

We made it to the top, and the kids did pushups... Obviously! 

Cousin party at the Bradlowski's!
We saw a double rainbow. 

We had a blind taste test beer geek competition

The following weekend, I went to a horse show and qualified for Regionals

Annnnd then, we went to Beach To Beacon! (with 8,000 others)

That's my sister on the right. Photo cred: Eric

Whoot! Done! 54:06

Attempted murder

Our only official race pic

And then the next day. Who knows what the fuck this is. 

Oh! A duathlon. Because that makes sense. First bike ride in 2.5 years.
(aka: good thing I am a halfway decent runner)

We won! We won! Who needs training?!? 

Before the bike goes back into the basement, I went  on a Green Machine group ride.
This merits an extra paragraph.
I am NOT a strong cyclist by any means. I had a fun time doing the duathlon, whilst and at the same time watching the WHOLE race cycle on by me.
Oh well.

So, before I retired the bike for another 2.5 years, I decided that I'd take one last ride.
Eric goes to Norway, almost weekly for the Green Machine Bike shop group ride.
I have always assumed that these rides were for experts only.

They have different groups for all levels, even for noobs like me.

I went, (after deciding NOT to go, no fewer than 357 times) and I had a blast.
It was very enjoyable riding with people my own speed, and it felt much safer riding in a group.
While I don't foresee much biking in my future, if I take the old beast out again it will be for another group ride!

Celebrating not dying on the bike, with beer. 
That's about it from here.
It has been a wonderful summer, but a really busy one.
While my training regimen has been wildly unstructured, I have been enjoying the activities that I have been doing.
We'll see what happens now that the fall race season is just on the horizon....