Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Bullet Points

Just a few things on this lovely dreary Friday..

-I would consider myself to be in the least wounded state that I have been in since oh.... May? My shin/calf FINALLY (after months of futtering around and hundreds of dollars spent at the (amazing) chiropractor) 100%. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME.

-I do have an inflamed tendon in my left foot but that's no big deal. Running downhill sucks but I can run up hill like a boss.

-I did only run 5 miles in August. Or 30 but who's counting. Terrible either way and very bad for the fitness. Very good for the ice cream consumption though, I imagine that I single handedly kept all the Maine dairy farmers in business. Sometimes I had ice cream twice a day which I most certainly can not do when running!

-September brought me back to reality and I've been working my mileage back up in the right (or wrong, according to the dairy farmers) direction.

-Even thought I have sworn off speed work in order to save my foot from further abuse I have still done a brutal tempo run over hills, a 21:4-something 5K, some 800's at the track and a shorter (but still brisk) tempo run this past week. Good enough.

-Furthermore, apparently I had sworn off long runs as well. For September I did a  wine-soaked 11, and a sweat-drenched 84 degree 15 until last Friday when I sprinted thru 19 with mad skills. UM. I survived- and that's a big deal at this point.

-I've basically been tapering since July so don't plan to in prep for MDI.

-Yes, I'm running MDI. At least I'm not running a full this weekend as well! (like some crazy people.)

-I'm VERY VERY excited to run the Maine Half this weekend. I hope it doesn't pour buckets. I'm not out for speed as I'm using the race as part of a long (ish) run since I'm not tapering!

-And I'm running Boston. STILL EXCITED!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Boston Bound!!

I'M IN!!!!!!
Just got the official email. Thank you just-barely-made-it qualifying time.
That is all for today. More on this topic very soon.....

Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm (sort of...) BACK!!!

After a notable absence from the blogosphere I am making a triumphant return.
Sort of....
I have been MIA for the past month as I have attempted to recover from what can best be described as the shin splint of DOOM and the subsequent problems that running on it for 8 weeks caused.
Words of wisdom: When something starts hurting like crazy perhaps stop running for a few days?? Get off the feet for a bit?? Don't run a 200 mile month!!???? (What a revolutionary idea!!) *said with the highest possible level of sarcasm and disdain* Seriously, sometimes it's hard to believe that I'm a smart lady with a high IQ (and no common sense what so ever. what a waste..)
Moving on. I officially got the go ahead to get back to a normal running routine last week. I believe I'll classify this as a "modified" normal routine because it appears that my weekly mileage leading up to MDI will be closer to 40 than to 50+. On a normal day, looking at that low mileage would send me into an apocalyptic state of fear for my 26.2 mile success. But, knowing what happened to my poor, battered bod under the strain of those 55 mile weeks I'm going to suck it up and give it a try. I have nothing to loose because I feel that I'm still teetering on the edge of potential injury (and hence, am being very, very- some might say overly, cautious.) I am profoundly aware that this is extremely out of character for me but being on the DL for weeks was ragingly sucktastic and I plan to avoid a repeat of that debacle.
I plan to give a legit recap of what I've been up to for the past month (highlights: eating tons of ice cream, drinking more than one beer a week, staying up past 7PM, having tons of free time on the weekends... WOW! Being a normal person is so strange....)
But for now, please enjoy some of the worlds worst race pictures.
For my first real speedwork in 7 (Yes, SEVEN) weeks a 5K seemed to be in order. It was rainy and disgusting and 5K's still suck my butt even after such a nice break from them. I almost sat down at mile 0.2 because at that point it seemed like much too much work. But I didn't want Eric to beat me because when that happens (and it won't) he'll never let me hear the end of it (and I'll get mad.)

So I manned up and ran the damn race.
Yeah that's me in the green socks and the rain-soaked orange tank.
Subtle. Classy. Understated.
Those are the normal words people use to describe me, duh...

This is the worst picture I have ever seen, so of course I had to put it in my blog!!!
What is wrong with my face? (that's my "I HATE LIFE" face)
I also appear to run with closed eyes. (probably because it was pouring? or because I can't stand looking at how far there is to run? Or maybe I'm blinded by my own outfit?)

I ran as well as I could despite the very rainy weather, my lack of any running at ALL over the last month, the feeling of impending doom (meaning possible vomming) and a general lack of motivation (which is normal for my lazy ass...)
I still pulled off a decent finish in 21:45 for 3rd overall and 1st AG.
And I beat Eric... But not by much which does not please me....
I feel that this is where I should shout from the rooftops about my amazing return to running, my general domination at all things in general and how everyone should watch their backs. However, I'm going to be humble and avoid my normal bragging because quite honestly (after so much time off) running is pretty damn hard.