Wednesday, June 30, 2021

A crazy few weeks

Well! The past couple weeks have been nothing short of a whirlwind. 

I assumed, after "managing to run through Covid" last year, that it would be a breeze to continue on, as such, this year. You know what I forgot about? How the (very relative) lack of Covid (closures, anyway) makes TONS more work for me! Good, good, good for the business. Bad, bad, BAD for training. Insanely bad!

Two weeks ago I headed off to the first equine competition in 22 months. It was a big deal, was amazing to be back out, and was INSANE as I had a ton on my plate. Running was entirely out of the question, and I did not fret one bit. 

The following week, I was flying solo at home, as Eric was enjoying his first camping trip in at least two years. All of this would hardly have affected me, had I not managed to put up 90% of my yearly hay during that time. Thankfully, the weather was pretty cool, but it was ROUGH. I am a strong woman, but that sort of thing is not really a one woman job. 

Interestingly enough, lugging 700 plus bales of hay immediately triggered shin pain. I felt a little panic, knowing that for the past TWO years, shin pain has seriously messed up my summer plans. I was then forced to take several MORE days off, as I really know better than to run on angry shins. But WTF? Has it been hay lugging all along that has triggered the shin pain of death? I really have to wonder..... The timing makes it highly suspect, and I will be paying close attention to this in the future. 

Thankfully, at this point, the shins are feeling 100% better. The weather, which has been TERRIBLE (legit WELL over 90 for many days) is about to moderate. AND during this shit show, I was able to get in a 10 mile hike. (with my cousins! who got to visit!!!!!!)

I'm really not where I wanted to be mileage wise at this point. Life is certainly managing to get in the way, and I'm being flexible because I know this time won't last. 

And the thing is, after last year of having so few things to do EXCEPT run, I'm not complaining that I have things on my schedule! 

I know my super stupid busy days are going to continue to the weekend, and then we have hiking on the schedule. Next week looks promising to get in a few runs, and try to hit the restart button for the 167th time this year..... 

Monday, June 7, 2021

Chugging along

While neither my mileage or speed were impressive in the least last week, the good news was I did get out to run 5 times! MIRACLE.

The weather was unseasonably cold at the beginning of the week (legit yuck- low 50's, drizzle, wind) and then ABSURDLY hot for the weekend (WTF??? 92! Humid! Pollen! GROSS.)
Honestly, I'll take the cold and damp over the blistering heat. It's a bit much. 

Look closely for falling pollen.....

No hiking which was a bummer, it's been a little dry spell here after such a strong winter and Spring season. I'm dealing with a real lack of qualified help at work right now which makes everything a greater challenge. I am hoping that once my newest person is more trained things will even out a bit (and not to be harsh, but they have been in my barn now for some months. I'm questioning if the job is the right fit for them, but time will tell.....)

I'm hoping to get in 4 runs this week and a decent size hike. Fingers CROSSED (I'm not sure at all why I think this is going to happen since I am the lone person working this weekend. #dreams)

Oh, I ended up finishing 7th in the last challenge that I was working on. Not the 1st place that I held onto for a while, but not terrible considering that my running took a sharp nosedive in May. 
I did sign up for a couple more to take me through the summer. It seems people aren't really on the bandwagon anymore (understandably) so this will be the final one for me. (I'm actually doing 2 at the same time because I had a discount code...) 

Anyway. Summer is here, if only in the weather. Hope it cools down!

Miles run: 19.3! I'm actually really pleased with this! 
Hottest day: 92 WTF
Coldest Day: Gross and 50
Hikes? None this week.... 
Longest run: 5
Placement in challenges:
750 miler- 18/33
400 miler- 3/7

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Back at it

Nothing gets a person motivated to get back on a training plan quite like a bit of shame! 

After a fairly long stretch of EXTREMELY BUSY WORK OMG and therefore, very little/any running for the past month, I am noticing negative side effects. Minor ones, yes, but negative none the less. I honestly can say that my fitness for equestrian sports is not where it is when I am running regularly. Can I still ride well?? of course. But do I notice a difference? Most definitely. 
Also. I'm just annoyed. So annoyed. But as soon as I got out for a couple good (bad, but good) runs this weekend, I suddenly stopped caring as much about the bullshit that IS actually bullshit. (but I can let it go when I'm running, evidently. also, all work stuff. normal life is fine.)

So that's where I am at. I NEED to schedule in time for my own fitness as though it is an appointment, and stick to it. It has been VERY challenging this Spring. (work is BUSY. that is GOOD. not complaining. however, balance is always the semi impossible dream.)

As of now, I'm looking two goals for the fall season. 

1: Kilkenny Ridge 25 miler, September 
Goal: To finish, with the goal of a 2MPH pace (7K elevation is NOT easy!)

2: Boston Marathon, October 
Goal: Currently, my goal is to show up to the start line uninjured, and to cross the finish line happy. With the summer that I have scheduled professionally, I hesitate to put a time goal out there. Getting in enough running to be able to complete the race, healthy and happy seems like quite enough at the moment!

What do I need to do to meet these goals?

1: Literally get off my ass and run
*I work long, HARD and physical hours, but nothing trains you to run like running*

2: Do a weekly hike or trail run/road run trail run combo workout 

3: Work back up to better mileage- I'll need to be looking at 40 plus miles a week (which can include some hiking) by late August for sure. 
Right now I am coming off some VERY low/no running mileage weeks. So, I'll be looking at low mileage consistency for June, and will not be leaping back into huge mileage. (quantity over quality, evidently!)

4: Some BIG hikes. We hit a 15 miler last weekend which was awesome for early season! I'm definitely thinking a Presi, maybe the Carters for starters (all repeats) for some good long days which involve technical trail skills and vert. 

5: Recon for Kilkenny ridge. I know the second half well- but half the battle of a mega challenge like this is having an idea of the terrain (they try to mark the course- but there is the "leave no trace" mentality (which is GOOD) but causes other hikers to indignantly remove signage.... I really have no desire to be out hunting for the trail with a sad compass. Fuck that. 

6: Running consistency. To finish Boston, I might not have to be throwing down massive workouts, but I MUST run with extreme consistency. 

7: Stay healthy. Stretch. Ice. Roll. For the past 2 years I have had massive shin issues by late July, and I intend to work towards avoiding that. How? Being proactive rather than reactive- I'm working on ankle/foot stability (balance board, one leg squats, and these stupid one foot balance exercises on the stairs..... plus stretching. rolling. icing... here's to hoping it works!)

8: Balance. It is a LOT. Working towards two hefty races PLUS staring a MASSIVE work load in the face is daunting. I really need to schedule in time for nothing (and if I can do that more than once, I will give myself a damn medal.....)

9: Get back into the routine. Once training becomes habitual, I never even think about it. I know it is part of the day, and I do it without thinking. 

10: We eat healthy meals regularly, training or not. But I am impossibly pressed for time, and need to work on a plan for better meal planning and prep. I am pretty sick of resorting to a giant salad when it's 9PM and I'm just getting dinner sorted. But what do?? I have to work on this.....

So, some Spring stats for the week:

Miles run: 13.5
Hottest day: 92 WTF
Coldest Day: Like friggin 52 yesterday.......
Hikes? None this week.... 
Longest run: 6

Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Phew, ok so I am a little behind! 

What the heck has been happening. Who knows. 
Well, I have been SUPER busy at work (good. really. but balance, not good!)

Running has been sporadic (bad)
Hiking has been awesome (good!)

I signed up for a 25 mile trail race a few minutes ago, which filled me with the kind of newbie excitement that I have not experienced in years. I have been hunting for this *spark* lately, and may have just found it. I'm pretty excited, and am ready to begin some goal oriented training (this will be in conjunction with Boston training, and I think that this new interest will help shove me in the road running fitness direction. Maybe? Who knows.) For a while I knew I wanted to be a marathoner when I grew up. Now I think I might want to be a trail runner when I grow up. Or a trail walker, because I fall a lot. OR maybe I want to be a beer tester and a pizza eater, yummmmmm. 

It is summer. 

I am still 7th in the challenge, and it is almost time for a new one. 

So we climbed South Moat. 
SO SO SO GLAD to see that kid. 


And now, back to work. JESUS!!!!!

(I promise a better post next week. I literally have smoke coming out my ears at the moment, haha why isn't it friday???)

Miles run: UGH
Hike: Umm, Shelburne Moriah (11) South Moat (5+) Chocorua (7.5) 
Warmest day: Oooof 79 yesterday 
Coldest day: Last week we had a day when it was 49.Gross. 
Snow: Can probably remove this one 
Place in Challenge on Sunday night: 7th with is a miracle. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Boston, here I come

I was close, guessing the cutoff would be 7:15. It was, in fact, 7:47 which means I have punched my golden ticket to Boston Marathon #9. 

If we weren't still in the middle of kind of an insane pandemic, I would be over the moon happy. I'm pleased. We'll see what happens. The whole internet is pissed that they didn't make the cut, and basically imploding. Typical. 
But really. I am happy I made it in. I'm sorry for anyone who is bummed that what "would" have been a valid qualifying time last year, isn't this year. That is ROUGH, in a very "relatively speaking" kind of sense. (perspective.... is good.) 
 I feel like there are probably MORE people out there right now who are vowing to train hard, and make the cut again than there are being sour grapes on Instagram. (but the sour grapes are VERY vocal and would probably be VERY fast if they channeled their negative energy into training!) 

In other news.... 

I had a crazy week and ran a grand total of 1 mile. Or like 16 but there is no real difference. 

On the plus side, it looks like Spring!

Spring on the hill

Except the we hiked up Mt. Pierce and it still looked like winter.....

Still windy winter, but not too cold!

Miles run: 14.1 Even worse than 16....
Hike: 6
Warmest day: 65 on Saturday
Coldest day: A couple days of low 50's and HIGH winds and HIGH fire danger
Snow: no but 2" of rain killed the fire danger
Bugs: YEP, black flies GROSS
Place in Challenge on Sunday night: 6th. At least I'm not dead last.