Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hartford Marathon Training: Week 8 (the "hello again" edition)

Well hello again.
Last time I checked in I was in week one of training and had quite the busy summer looming ahead of me.
Busy, it was! And warm too.

Some runners do a great job reporting their running stats, pace run, elevation gain, steps per minute and such. While I might have one eye turned towards those things I have both eyes on the crazy conditions that we tend to have here in Maine. (Florida it is not, but it was a nice toasty one. I was thankful not to be freezing for a change.. instead I was poaching.)

Here is a helpful chart to show you how warm it was. I was smart enough to avoid running on the "other" 90 degree days, or I waited until late when it had mellowed out a bit.

In all honesty I have more or less acclimated to running in the 80 plus degree temps. I often have a serious case of post run swamp ass, but who doesn't?

I realized, going into training for a relatively early fall marathon that heat and my busy schedule would possibly be a stumbling block. It hasn't been 100% easy but it has been doable. My mileage has not been as high as prior to Boston but I made that decision in advance. The good news is that I feel like my fitness is progressing reasonably well and I still have plenty of energy to devote to important things like horses, working and life. I find it far easier to have that kind of energy on 40-45 mile weeks rather than 50-55 mile weeks. *who would have thought!!*

Anyway. That's it for now. I plan to report back weekly with more pie charts and profound thoughts!


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