Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Boston Training week #7: the tardy edition

I'm a few days late with this post which means that I can't remember most of what I accomplished last week.

We all know that I wrapped the week up with a very successful 13.1 plus 3 miles at the Hampton Half. (thus far I can't find any mid race pics. this is a blessing in disguise!)

Backtracking a little, I started the week with a bang, hitting my hill work on Monday. With the up tempo long run that I had on Saturday I would not normally have made this choice. However, between work and weather it was really the only day to get it done.
I did one loop of my big hill route which is an honest to God ass kicker. It was a great weather day, 46 and sunny and the workout went extremely well.

Top of the hill. Really super pretty.
Tuesday was a rest day. Again, this was a last minute schedule change but I had some work issues that took up my entire day. No big deal, flexibility is key.

Wednesday was speedwork on the treadmill (it was a messy day with snow and rain and crap)
I did 8x800 at HM to 5K pace. Another solid effort.

Wednesday weather
Something confusing happened during my speed workout though. I check off repeats as I do them but I more or less lost count. I was quite sure I had done 8 but one got lost. So I did another one just to be on the safe side because I felt like finishing without being sure was cheating. *sigh* So yeah, I did 8 or maybe 9 but certainly not SEVEN repeats. That extra 800 is bound to pay off someday. 

Post speed work beer of the week. This is always a great choice.
Thursday and Friday were both good but also extremely uninteresting. Both workouts were 6 miles of warm up then base pace. Yawn. Fun to run, boring to read about. It was also chilly, temps were in the low 20's which isn't my favorite.

Saturday was a rest day with some stretching and yoga.

Sunday was race day and then the week was over!!

This was a very solid week of training. I felt that I had some clear fitness gains which is encouraging. Some tricky weather made climbing onto the treadmill inevitable but I'm ok with that, the treadmill has benefits and I had two key runs outside. Good stuff! 

The weekly wrap up
Miles: 46.1
Favorite TV:
Favorite beer: North Coast "Old Stock" 2016 edition
Low temp: 7 on Friday AM
High temp- 46 on Monday
Favorite food: I had amazing dinner with my BFF at 76 Pleasant St. This is our favorite restaurant and a real gem! I had some fabulous oysters and salmon and bourbon and it was incredible......



  1. oooo i love the high temp low temp thing! that would have been fun to keep track of. not that i ran outside lower than 22. but still. and the extra 800 (or not) will certainly pay off. i usually find random objects in my basement and move them one by one after repeats from one cup holder to the other.
    unrelated, i just re-read our 22 mile death run from a few summers ago. with the bowl of milk up at the end of my street and dripping sweat at dunkin donuts for 25 cent ice water. good times. never. ever. again.