Monday, January 19, 2015

It's the first race week of 2015!!

It's RACE WEEK!!!!
So the weather has gone to hell in a handbasket!

Yeah, Big old Ice Storm. GROSS. 
Ok, time to slow my roll. Despite the fact that I awoke this morning with a quality case of race week delight I need to chill the heck out and remember that I am not actually racing this Sunday.

It's time to mosey on over to Derry again for a race that I actually have a bone to pick with- the dreaded Boston Prep 16 miler.
Oh yes, I have had two solid races at this event of discontent. However, nothing about either one of those experiences was what I would call enjoyable.
In short, it is a brutal course. After each of my times trekking the shockingly mountainous Derry countryside I have questioned most, if not all of my life choices. At least the ones that require running shoes.
"MODERATELY" Challenging my ass. See that mountain? IT IS HARD!

So what, you might ask, am I doing heading back to a race that is not on my list of favorites?
Good question. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

I kid. There is a method to my madness, all in the name of doing my pre Boston long runs with a gang of friends, aid stations and scenery that I have not seen before. Or in this case- in two years. I think that after so many solitary training adventures over the past year that I will really enjoy being in a crowd for higher mileage days.

Let's be honest. Am I going to have a hard time containing myself and not racing the damn thing?
I'm quite determined not to hit race pace for a single mile of this race. That is not part of my ultimate plan of Boston success and since success is my end game I feel fairly confident that I will not run off like an asshat and live to regret it. UGH. Such dedication....
Ok... I'm going to take that back. If, for some absurd reason I have a ton of energy at mile 15 I'll sprint like an idiot to the finish. (unlikely. but there certainly will be *zero* steps of the Idiot Sprint before that point!)

The bottom line is that Derry is going to have to wait another year, or possibly forever- for me to take a crack at actually racing the course and feeling good about the outcome. (as in: not barfing post race. seriously guys, it's a bitch out there!)
For this year I have a feeling we might actually be friends since I plan to hobbyjog along in the back of the pack, happily getting in a long run earlier in this "training cycle" than I might have otherwise.

For old times sake, Derry 2013. This smile is FAKE. 
Let's all cross our fingers for some decent weather. I'm recovering nicely from The Sick but think an arctic day would be ghastly, for many obvious reasons the least of which being that I would cough up a lung.

Even though this will not be a competitive race day for me I'm still excited to hit the road for the 2015 season! I have some good plans and I'm ready to get started.



  1. Smart plan for this 16 miler at this point in your Boston training cycle ... hope you can stick to it.

    1. I'm pretty determined to take it easy! The last thing I need is to get overexcited and then injured. No thanks! :-)