Monday, July 28, 2014

In which I emerge from a long, long internet silence.

Once upon a time, I was a blogger.
A running blogger to be specific and I (occasionally) would regale all of you with tales of my intense training plan, stories from various races and give you tons of sweaty unattractive pictures to mull over.

I bet you have all really missed that.

I knew after my intense January-June 1st racing schedule that I needed a short break or an injury was sure to pop up. I also knew that this was going to be a season jam packed with horse shows- and this certainly was true.
Through the month of June I kept my running very minimal and really enjoyed the break. I know that I am the only running blogger in the universe who actually admits to appreciating a rest but honestly, I do. I need it mentally, physically and during June I was so SO busy that if I had not planned to take some time it simply would have happened out of necessity.

During my "rest" time I play lifeguard for the crazy swimmer.
 There have been some changes too. Without a clear Summer goal I knew that continued coaching would be turning my little "splurge" into an unjustified indulgence (because what middle of the packer needs a coach..? well, one who couldn't stay healthy I suppose!)
I am so thrilled that during my year with Coach Kelsey I leaned a remarkable amount about what my body needs to stay healthy. That investment was probably one of the best ones that I have made as a runner- so the money was well spent.
However. Reality knocked at my door and I realized that I simply can not invest as much money into any part of my running hobby. Not on races, not on coaching (right now) not on ALL the fun new gear! I already participate in a mind blowingly expensive sport as part of my job- and since that is my livelihood I had to funnel cash that way. I know I don't need to justify my choices to the internet but hey- this is real life and I believe we all can relate.

The great news is that my professional equestrian lifestyle has been fantastic this year. I had a downright delightful early season of showing, as did my lovely young rider client and we are both heading to Regionals with scores that make me hopeful for a good showing (against some of the toughest competition at our respective levels that I have seen in years- we have been doing well but are preparing to see some damn fine horses. Which is fine, bring it on!)

Chauncy the wonder pony.

Have I been running? Yes.
Am I still running Chicago? Yes.
Do I have anything life changing to say about my current training plan? Well, no. I am taking a sensible approach, and I am happy with how things are going. I have really fallen off the face of the internets as I no longer am super interested in plugging every run into Daily Mile, or chronicling every step I take on twitter. There is nothing wrong with this at all- and I truly enjoy reading the tales from those who do! It just happens not to be where I am at right now and that's ok. And while I might not be putting in 50 mile weeks currently I have a good handle on what my pokey old legs need in order to prep for a marathon and that is in the works. I am the master of the ultra short training plan.
(either that or I'm just going to be super super screwed. we shall see.)

As mentioned I have really cut back on the outpouring of cash that goes into hobby jogging. At this point I have NOT A SINGLE damn race on the horizon! (except Chicago which is $$$$. But, like NYCM this is a one time deal.) Without exaggeration I have been booked every weekend since Memorial Day so I could not have raced even if I had wanted to. But, the fall season is looming and we all know that I love racing in the Fall.

So! Until then... I will continue to enjoy the blogs of others who are doing more exciting racing than I am but mostly, I will be focused on the fact that Eric and I are getting married in less than 3 weeks and we need to get it together on that front! Pretty exciting times :-)
Bachelorette Party painting! Getting out of riding/running clothing and having fun!



  1. would you like a bib to the B2B? I have one I cannot use….. You must not win anything as a 43 yo Michelle.

  2. Love hearing about your horse adventures too. Good luck! And enjoy that wedding!