Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winter!!! One Month until Boston!!! More Winter....!

And the winter.... trudges..... ON.

1 week ago. 15 inches of pure, pure crap!!!!!!! And 1 cute horse.

The past couple of weeks have been, believe it or not, dominated by more truly horrific weather.
I have lived in Maine for 34 years and have never seen such madness!

This gorgeous foot of snow/ice was 4 days prior to the 15 inch snowmageddon. EFFFF.

Trying to look past the crapola that are the conditions...
Things have been decent.

I had a bit of the sick last weekend which was crummy timing as I had a 20 on the schedule- which I did because I'm not a complete slacker. Duh!
Continuing in the theme of this training cycle, it was absolute shit for the first 10 then absolutely perfect for the last 10. This is truly mind boggling and, if nothing else, leaves me with feelings of happiness as (apparently) I am quick to forget the first half of my run.

I often wonder if my feelings of malaise have to do with my spectacular cross training???

Because clearly, this is not exhausting. Good times. 

When I'm not busy clamboring thru 10 feet of snow I have been doing yoga, which I win at weekly. (or a few times a week) (I have logged more wins at snow-walking than at yoga if we are being honest.....)

In the true competitive spirit of a runner I decide in every class if I am the top finisher or a disgrace at life. It can go either way, especially since I am slightly delayed and can not do any inversions. Also, I have the flexibility of a 2x4 and approximately zero balance.
Regardless, I LOVE yoga and think it's the activity to thank for my current healthy body. (and I must admit, that I get scolded for my post practice fist pumping and declarations  of "WINNING AT YOGA!!!!" but I don't mind, I have a lot of fun there and can take a scolding.)

With less than a month to go I am feeling pretty strong (today) relatively quick (today) and completely badass (today.....)
Come chat with me tomorrow and I will tell you how weak, slow and pitiful I am.
HAH! Typical marathon training. All kinds of shenans.
Since the weather has been so wacko I feel that is partially to blame.

Late March??? Late January maybe.

I am hesitant to make a guess at my Boston finishing time just yet because this winter has given me a training cycle that I have never seen- and hope to avoid at all costs again- thank YOU.
But in upcoming days I plan to talk about my bets for my finish time, training details, Fall marathon plans, and other amusing things.
So stay tuned!



  1. I seriously chose the right year to buy a treadmill. I'm in MA, so don't think we've had it as bad as ME, but still...enough already. But hey you never know, in 2012, I remember stalking the weather the week before Boston and it was that perfect/coolish know the rest :)

  2. We're supposed to be getting snow right now. I refuse to look out to check and in the morning I will not see it.

  3. One month to go! Time, flies, eh?

    We've had a really mild winter where I live. I've probably just jinxed myself for a spring snow! Hahahah

  4. What role did you play in getting Kara Goucher to join Osielle? :-)

    1. Oh it was all me! Kara and I are besties ;-)

  5. This has been a TERRIBLE winter! I got lucky and did my 20 during our tiny window of nice weather on Saturday- but karma got be and it was a slog-fest. Ugh!

  6. will we see you at great bay sunday? this winter can suck it.